NMSU Grants Programs

The Automotive Technology program at NMSU-Grants strives to give students automotive service experience. Through theory and practical application of skills. The auto service industry requires technicians to not only have tangible skills like rebuilding an engine. But critical thinking skills (applying various physics laws like Hooke’s Law, Pascal’s Law, etc.) as well. NMSU-Grants has the unique ability to have small class sizes. which gives students individualized responses and attention from instructors and faculty members. Students can work to receive an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology, or a Certificate in Automotive Technology. In addition, the program works closely with the Welding Trades program. in an effort to give students the possibility to expand their automotive skills to a welding trades capacity! Students have enjoyed the ease at which their skills can be applied to other trades programs. Students will also work closely with the community by offering their services. to those in the surrounding area that request automotive services.
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At NMSU Grants, the Business program provides various courses. Accounting (ACCT), Economic (ECON), Management (MGMT), Marketing (MKTG), Business Law (BLAW), and Business Management (BMGT). that contribute to a certificate or Associate degree in Business.
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Courses under the Communications Program at NMSU Grants help students learn valuable communications skills. develop cogent writing skills, and prepare students for the challenges of a rapidly changing society. where communication skills in various forms are an essential asset. Students seeking a Certificate or an Associate Degree in any field will take an English course. a Communication course, or both, and these courses will help students excel in their field of interest. Many of these courses support various areas and help enrich a student’s academic background.
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Computer Science and Creative Media
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The mission of the Criminal Justice Program is to provide quality education and professional criminal justice curriculum. Deliver knowledge about the operations and processes of the criminal justice components, social awareness necessary for an entry level position. Advancement in a current position in the criminal jus-tice field. Students will gain an understanding of methods and techniques used in the field. think critically about social justice issues that impact societies. and be better prepared for advancement within their chosen professions.
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The Welding & Drafting Trades program here at NMSU Grants place a major focus on building practical trade skills. You can either earn an Associate Degree or a Certificate. In one of the programs under my purview. You'll the learn the basic practices, procedures, and terminology. of the welding trade while you will extensively use CAD for our drafting courses, visualizing and producing workable models. You'll observe the synergy between my programs, it is recommended for the best performance you understand something of each area. Additionally, the applications of these skills can extend to other fields. such Metal Arts wherein you will be tasked with creating sculptures, jewelry, furniture, and frameworks to support other art media. For Drafting you'll find we have dedicated courses to showcasing. and building the student a portfolio and Cooperative Experience to aid our students in finding employment post-degree.
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Education Program
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Specializing in training Nursing Assistants. all students interested in the program need to understand that nursing assistants perform basic nursing functions involving patient care. C.P.R., working under the supervision of a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or physician. In general, nursing assistants attend to matters related to personal hygiene. safety, nutrition, exercise, and elimination. Maintaining patient comfort is a priority. Upon successfully completing the C.N.A certificate. The student is eligible to take the Nursing Assistant Exam to become certified. The certified nursing assistant 16 credit program may be completed in one or more semesters. Dual/concurrent high school students are encouraged to enroll as well as the non-traditional working adults. Many of our C.N.A graduates continue on to completing the baccalaureate registered nurse program available on our campus. Other graduates have pursued many other allied health careers such as. physical therapy, X/ray technician, ultrasound tech, pharmacy tech, dental assisting and hygienist, respiratory therapy, hemodialysis technician. phlebotomist, medication aids, emergency medical tech; and basic & intermediate operating room tech.
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The Humanities Program does not directly lead to a degree or certificate of completion. however, the subject matter within it can prove vital and essential to other degrees. Philosophy, History, Music, the Arts, and unique skillsets such as. jewelry making are all inclusions under the program's umbrella.
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No matter your future plans, you will likely need to understand core math concepts to get there. At NMSU Grants we provide an encouraging, supportive environment to help you be successful. Our dedicated instructors make it their goal to make math less scary. by placing you in the right math class and by providing support services like free tutoring.
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The Natural Science program at NMSU Grants provide the foundational science education by offering variety of courses. In Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Physics. In addition, the program provides preparation course for the nursing program entry exam/HESI. The average class size is 12-18 students and classes are thought by highly experienced instructors. Courses are delivered face-to-face, synchronous online and asynchronous online. Students in the program earn an Associate of Science degree. Currently the program has four faculty members and one professional science tutor.
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