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Program Contacts
Alfred Gene Romero - Program Manager

Communications Program

At NMSU Grants, the Communications Program encompasses both English, Developmental Writing, and Communications courses. The program has basic courses in Communications (COMM), various courses in English (ENG), and a basic writing course in Developmental Writing (CCDE). These courses are a part of the curriculum for many Certificates and Associate Degrees in the Grants NMSU System.


About the Program

Courses under the Communications Program at NMSU Grants help students learn valuable communications skills, develop cogent writing skills, and prepare students for the challenges of a rapidly changing society where communication skills in various forms are an essential asset. Students seeking a Certificate or an Associate Degree in any field will take an English course, a Communication course, or both, and these courses will help students excel in their field of interest. Many of these courses support various areas and help enrich a student's academic background.

Career Opportunities

English and Communications courses at the Certificate and Associate Degree level provide students with transferable skills in a myriad of career fields. If students are interested in seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree in English or Communications Studies there are various options offered by main campus. Courses taken in English and Communications from NMSU Grants will aid them in that academic path.