NMSU Grants Cyber Cafe

Dedicated to the community that supports NMSU Grants. This education option exists for the benefit of those seeking something out of their local community college. We have collected a number of services and informational details for use by you, our community. Ranging from the use of some of our facilities. Our ongoing support for the Outreach Centers we have established with the local tribes. Below are all the requirements and provisions to get started taking classes with us.
                       Community Education
  • No Official Enrollment/Admission necessary
  • No Transcript produced nor grades awarded
  • Bound to NMSU Grants' Campus Policies
  • Must follow the Student Code of Conduct
  • Connect to Aggie Guest for Wi-Fi (90 minutes)
               Community Registration
  • 2-days minimum before class begins
  • Classes without sufficient enrollment will be cancelled
  • A list of supplies will be provided by your instructor or at your own expense

Computer Access NMSU students Community Member Printing Computer Availability Location
Cyber Café Yes Yes No 5 Desktops
(Student & Community Use)
Martinez Hall, 1st Floor
Math Lab Yes No Instructor Permission
7 Desktops, 24 Laptops
(Students Only)
Room 124, Martinez Hall,
2nd Floor
Testing Center Yes No Instructor Permission
13 Desktop PCs, 12 Laptops
(Students Only)
Room 125, Martinez Hall,
2nd Floor
Library Yes Yes PaperCut
6 Desktops, 15 Laptops
(Students Only)
5 Desktops
(Community Use)
Room 009, Martinez Hall,
1st Floor

*For use of any campus computers users must be at least 16 years of age. Or have parental supervision*

                                                                                    Community Required Provisions

  • Consent from University/Instructor
  • Excess Class Capacity not used by Students
  • Must be 18+ and owe NMSU no debts
  • Pay for tuition and all fees at registration
  • Seniors pay rates & fees at registration
  • 8 credits is maximum taken per semester
  • Not available to admitted NMSU students
  • Course credit will not be retroactively awarded
  • Full refunds if a class is cancelled or your withdraw within 1-work day after 1st scheduled class is to meet
  • If 10+ requests by community members for a class & time made it will be scheduled pending instructor and room availability


Subject to change without notice!

Outreach Centers

Through our partnerships with the local tribes we continue to launch initiatives to support their communities.
Child Development Center

Licensed on-site care provided for NMSU Grants personnel
and local community members.
Small Business Development Center

Learn about the SBDC Services and Resources available to help the local small business community.