Information for Specific Students


Distance Learning Students

Many students take all online courses, live outside of Cibola County, or cannot get to the campus to take care of business. Here are some of the major links for information to help you access what you need from a distance and be successful at NMSU Grants.

Before you commit to online learning, review this self-assessment guide to determine if you’re a good candidate for distance learning: Are you ready for online courses?

Follow the Admission Procedures to apply if you are a new student or a returning student who has not enrolled in a class for one full year.

Apply for FAFSA (Pell Grant, loans & work study). Allow six weeks for processing. Meet with the financial aid advisor in Student Services. Students may also receive advising over the phone or email. Call 505.287.6678 and request to speak with a financial aid advisor.

As many courses require particular proficiency, you will be tested for placement in English and Mathematics. NOTE: It is not recommended that you enroll in General Education college classes (classes with a course number ending in “G”) without being concurrently enrolled in or having completed ENGL 111G. Contact the Student Services’ Advising to make arrangements for the Accuplacer Placement Testing.

The Student Academic Requirements (STAR) audit program is available to aid students in completing certificate and degree requirements. It allows real time comparison of courses taken versus courses needed for completion for all current undergraduate and graduate pathways. If you have questions about the STAR, be sure to discuss your questions or concerns with an academic advisor. Sometimes waivers or substitutions are necessary or the STAR may have an error.

Complete the procedures described on the Registration Process and Prepare for Class pages.

Non-Degree Students

Students may be admitted as a “non-degree seeking” student. NMSU Admissions policy requires at least one official transcript to be accepted, preferably your most recent transcript.  Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid and pay their own tuition. Community members are welcome to take courses without being degree seeking or may select the Continuing Education Option.

  1. Apply to NMSU Grants for the semester you plan to register for the course;
  2. Submit an official transcript;
  3. Once admitted, activate your account;
  4. See an adviser as an academic hold may need to be released;
  5. Register at;
  6. Pay tuition and fees at the Business Office in Martinez Hall.
  7. Purchase your textbook through the NMSU Bookstore online.

Non-Degree StudentsNon-degree seeking students often desire to take a course but do not want credit. If you want to audit the course, meet with an advisor so that he or she can change the grading mode to audit.

A non-degree student in good academic standing (2.0 NMSU GPA or above) may apply for change-of status from non-degree to degree (regular admission) by completing a change-of-status application and meeting the requirements for regular admission status. Non-degree students may not apply more than 30 credits earned under the non-degree status to any NMSU undergraduate degree program.

All documents required for the change-of-status must be in the Admissions Office by the third Friday of the semester (excluding summer sessions). If all documentation is not received by that date, then the change-of-status will be processed the next semester of the student’s enrollment after the student has submitted an updated change of status form.

Senior Citizen Students (65+)

On a space-available basis, seniors (65+) may enroll for up to 6 credits at $5 per credit, plus any course fee (see Schedule of Classes). See the admission requirements above. Senior Citizens must complete the “Application for Senior Citizen Reduced Tuition Program”, available in Student Services, in order to ensure proper fee assessments.

Students with Disabilities

Students who may require assistance are encouraged to contact the ADA Coordinator Beth Armstead at (505) 287-6628 prior to enrollment in classes. The student will be provided with the Petition for Accommodation Form for students with disabilities and will receive assistance in obtaining the required accommodations.

Petition for Accommodation Form (pdf)