Prepare for Classes

Student in ClassroomThere are several things you need to make sure you do before classes start. The most important thing for new students is to make sure you attend one of the “mandatory”  New Student Orientation sessions. Orientation is scheduled during peak registration periods. Speak to an advisor to get scheduled.

Buy your books

NMSU Grants’ Bookstore is Barnes & Noble College Bookstore. NMSU allows students to charge up to $600 in books (if you owe less than $100 for the previous semester). There is a window of time in which you may order your books.  Check with the Business Office or Student Services.

Get your Aggie ID

Stop by the Student Services office to get your picture ID made while you wait.

Review important details

You’ve probably already consulted these, but now’s a good time to carefully review:

Get to know campus resources

Library — Visit the campus and community library in the north end of Martinez Hall, which has computers available for student use.

Testing Center — Located in Room 125 in Martinez Hall, the Testing Center offers a number of testing services, study opportunities, and tutoring

Math Lab — Located in Room 124 of Martinez Hall, the Math Lab provides all levels of assistance for developmental math through college algebra. The lab is staffed by a Math Instructor and offers tutoring, testing, and computer access.

Canvas — The Learning Management System (LMS) that’s used for all fully online courses and many regular classroom courses. Before you register for an online course, you may want to assess whether you’re ready for the online course environment. Note that for online courses there is a $25/credit hour fee. To access Canvas, click on the login button at the top of the right sidebar on most pages on this site, or go to and login with your My.NMSU username and password.

STAR Degree Audit — The Student Academic Requirements (STAR) degree audit program is a web-based service that allows NMSU students to run online degree checks on academic programs. For more information, go to

Review campus policies

Student Accessibility Services

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), students with disabilities who need special services in the classroom or have difficulty gaining access to any university building, should contact Beth Armstead, Vice President for Student Services at 287-NMSU (6678). If you require these services, you need to submit the Petition for Accommodation Form. You’re encouraged to request accommodations well in advance so that instructors are given notice on or about the first day of class. Please inform Beth Armstead that you have registered for classes each semester.

Student RIGHT-TO-KNOW and Campus Security Act

NMSU is required to provide to you information in accordance with Federal Regulation 34 CFR Part 86 of the Department of Education and the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act. You can access the information by going to, and then selecting the “Annual Reports” link on the left menu.

Student Code of Conduct

The Vice President for Student Affairs (NMSU Las Cruces) establishes and enforces standards of conduct for all NMSU students. The Vice President for Student Services, Beth Armstead, addresses all non-academic misconduct for NMSU Grants. The Student Social Code of Conduct can be found in the Student Handbook

Children on Campus

Children should not be left unattended or be permitted to disrupt classes. Small Wonders Child Care Center, on the NMSU Grants campus, offers childcare to students, faculty, and staff for children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years, for an established fee. Contact Small Wonders Child Care Center, 287-3868. Apply early as there is often a waiting list. The Center does not offer “drop in” care.