Student Success Committee

Student Success Committee

The purpose of the Student Success Committee is to promote academic success by providing support services appropriate to our diverse student population.   This committee will provide leadership in identifying strategies to improve student success by exploring, identifying and implementing innovative ideas to maximize the institution’s role in enhancing 1) retention, 2) student persistence, and 3) the quality of the students’ overall college experience.  Finally, the committee is dedicated to exploring issues relating to the “campus culture “so that students’ experience at NMSU Grants is positive and exceptional.  This committee will serve as an advisory body to the Student Success Center and the COLL curricula. 


  • This committee meets monthly.


  • Members include Student Services staff, the Students Success Center coordinator, the Adult Education coordinator, the Library Director, the Program Manager of College Studies, at least one faculty member, and the ASG President or designee. Affiliates may be invited to attend meetings. This committee will be chaired by the Vice President for Student Services or designee.