Student Life

These are currently the primary student organizations on the NMSU Grants Campus:

  • Associated Student Government is the student government entity. Learn more here. Contact Ambrosia Aranda-Knighton
  • SkillsUSA (see below) – Contact Richard Gutierrez
  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)- Contact Dr. Erben
  • Aggie Game Jammers- Contact Karen Henry

To form a club at NMSU Grants, download and review the procedures for creating club bylaws, then submit the formal request to form a club.

Skills USA

SkillsUSA is a national organization that encourages leadership for vocational students to help them achieve their potential as leaders in their chosen fields of study. There is an annual competition in 92 different areas, including speech, cosmetology, spirit award, welding, aircraft maintenance, graphic arts, machinery, computer animation, nursing, and the movie industry.

Through a grant from Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation, the SkillsUSA chapter was able to restore and rebuild a 1994 GMC diesel truck to run on Biodiesel. The truck was donated to the club by Rich and Stephanie Rivard who own the WOW diner in Milan. The students will be using used vegetable oil from the diner and usiing a processor purchased with the grant money, which will turn the veggie oil into a fuel product. The truck will be operated by the NMSU-Grants campus technical programs for various community outreach events.

Currently there are SkillsUSA members participating in Welding, Drafting, and Automotive.

Richard Gutierrez serves as advisor to SkillsUSA.