Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning

This is a campus wide committee that examines strategic and long range matters to improve the quality of educational offerings and address future challenges and opportunities for NMSU Grants.   It makes recommendations on a full range of issues pertaining to NMSU Grants operations including but not limited to: finances including NMSU system wide and NMHED components; facilities such as capital projects and space utilization; staffing and positions; academic and nonacademic programming; and general resource allocation.  The committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding the NMSU Grants Strategic Plan and will provide an annual report to the larger campus community. The annual report will also be posted on the committee’s webpage.


  • The committee will meet a minimum of twice per regular semester or more often as determined by its membership.


  • Membership includes a minimum of two (2) regular faculty members, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Business and Finance, the Technology Director, the Facilities Manager, and a minimum of one (1) staff personnel. Term limits shall not be applied. The committee shall elect a chair.