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The first digit in the course number indicates whether the course is a freshman (1xx) or sophomore (2xx) level course. The next two digits indicate the course sequence. The 3 cr. indicates that the course is a 3-credit course. The (2+4P) means that the class meets for two hours per week for recitation or lecture and also requires 4 hours per week of “practice” (laboratory, field work, or other activities). The suffix N denotes that the course credits will not apply to baccalaureate and specified associate degrees. The suffix G denotes that the course meets General Education common core requirements for transfer to other New Mexico institutions of higher education, as established by the New Mexico Higher Education Department. Note that some courses without a G also meet transfer requirements.

C J 101G. Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 cr.
Examination of crime and justice within the broader social and cultural context of U.S. society from interdisciplinary social science perspectives. Includes critical analysis of criminal justice processes and the ethical, legal, and political factors affecting the exercise of discretion by criminal justice professionals.

C J 199. Special Topics in Criminal Justice . 1-3 cr.
Specific subjects to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. May be repeated under different topics for a maximum of 6 credits.

C J 205. Criminal Law I 3 cr.
Rules, principles, and doctrines of criminal liability in the United States. The historical development, limits, and functions of the substantive criminal law.

C J 206. Criminal Law II 3 cr.
Legal problems associated with the investigation of crime. Commencement of criminal proceedings, prosecution and defense of charges, sentencing and appeal. Prerequisite: C J 205. Community Colleges only. (Note: students completing C J 206 may not take C J 306.)

C J 210. The American Law Enforcement System 3 cr.
Historical and philosophical foundations of law and order. An in-depth examination of the various local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

C J 221. Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation 3 cr.
Investigation procedures from crime scene searches, collection of evidence, and case preparation. Community Colleges only. (Note: students completing C J 221 may not take C J 321.)

C J 230. Introduction to Corrections 3 cr.
Development of correctional philosophy, theory, and practice. Institutional and non-institutional alternatives available in the corrections process.

C J 250. Courts and the Criminal Justice System 3 cr.
Structures and functions of American courts. Roles of attorneys, judges, and other court personnel; operation of petit and grand juries, trial and appellate courts.

C J 293. Field Experience in Criminal Justice 3 or 6 cr.
Field experience in a public criminal justice agency or equivalent private sector organization. Supervised internship experience, conferences, and observations. Prerequisites: C J 101G, prior arrangement and consent of instructor and a GPA or a 2.0 or better in major. Restricted to majors. Community Colleges only.