Building Trades Program

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Catalog Course List

The first digit in the course number indicates whether the course is a freshman (1xx) or sophomore (2xx) level course. The next two digits indicate the course sequence. The 3 cr. indicates that the course is a 3-credit course. The (2+4P) means that the class meets for two hours per week for recitation or lecture and also requires 4 hours per week of “practice” (laboratory, field work, or other activities). The suffix N denotes that the course credits will not apply to baccalaureate and specified associate degrees. The suffix G denotes that the course meets General Education common core requirements for transfer to other New Mexico institutions of higher education, as established by the New Mexico Higher Education Department. Note that some courses without a G also meet transfer requirements.

BCT 100. Building Trades I . 8 cr. (2+12P)
Equipment and general safety. Human relations, building construction surveying, footings, foundation form work, framing, sheathing, insulation. Basic electrical wiring and plumbing. Classroom instruction, on-the-job training, and problem solving.

BCT 104. Woodworking Skills I 3 cr. (1+4P)
Use and care of hand tools and elementary power tools, safety procedures, and supervised project construction.

BCT 105. Woodworking Skills II 3 cr. (1+4P)
Advanced woodworking skills to include use of advanced power tools, power tool safety, and supervised construction. Prerequisite: BCT 104 or consent of instructor.

BCT 110. Blueprint Reading for Building Trades 4 cr. (2+4P)
Same as DRFT 151, OEET 101, OEPB 110.

BCT 118. Math for Building Trades 3 cr.
Geometry, algebra, arithmetic, and basic trigonometry pertaining to mathematical applications in the building trade field. Prerequisite: CCDM 103N. Same as OEET 118, DRFT 118, OEPB 118.

BCT 200. Building Trades II 8 cr. (2+12P)
Continuation of BCT 100: roofing; exterior and interior finish; masonry; door, window, and cabinet installation.

BCT 221. Cooperative Experience I . 1-4 cr.
Supervised cooperative work program. Student is employed in an approved occupation and is supervised and rated by the employer and instructor. Student will meet in a weekly class. Graded S/U. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

BCT 255. Special Topics 1-6 cr.
Topics to be announced in the Schedule of Classes.

BCT 290. Special Problems in Building Technology . 1-4 cr.
Individual studies in areas directly related to building technologies. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.