Automotive Technology Program

Program Manager: Eric Oskey
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Room 052A – Automotive Office (Martinez Hall, 1st Floor) | Room(s) 052, 052C, 052D – Automotive Labs & Classroom

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Catalog Course List

The first digit in the course number indicates whether the course is a freshman (1xx) or sophomore (2xx) level course. The next two digits indicate the course sequence. The 3 cr. indicates that the course is a 3-credit course. The (2+4P) means that the class meets for two hours per week for recitation or lecture and also requires 4 hours per week of “practice” (laboratory, field work, or other activities). The suffix N denotes that the course credits will not apply to baccalaureate and specified associate degrees. The suffix G denotes that the course meets General Education common core requirements for transfer to other New Mexico institutions of higher education, as established by the New Mexico Higher Education Department. Note that some courses without a G also meet transfer requirements.

AUTO 105. Welding 4 cr. (2+4P)
Set-up and adjustment of oxyacetylene and arc welding equipment, identification of metals and rod application. Skill development in laying weld beads and different weld positions.

AUTO 112. Basic Gasoline Engines 5 cr. (2+6P)
Principles of gasoline engine operation. Identification, design, function of engine components; engine disassembly and reassembly; trouble shooting, and rebuilding heads.

AUTO 117. Electronic Analysis and Tune-Up of Gasoline Engines 5 cr. (2+6P)
Theory and operation of ignition and emission control systems and fuel system. Use of troubleshooting equipment and diagnostic equipment. Prerequisite: AUTO 120 or consent of instructor.

AUTO 118. Technical Math for Mechanics 3 cr. (2+3P)
Mathematical applications for the automotive trade.

AUTO 119. Manual Transmission/Clutch 5 cr. (2+6P)
Manual transmission, transfer cases, and clutch operating principles. Students will diagnose problems, remove and replace, disassemble, repair, and assemble units.

AUTO 120. Electrical Systems 4 cr. (2+4P)
Troubleshooting and repair of starters, alternators, and associated circuits. Reading electrical diagrams, diagnosis and repair of electrical accessories. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

AUTO 125. Brakes 5 cr. (2+6P)
Theory of operation, diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of disc and drum brakes; safety and use of special tools.

AUTO 126. Suspension, Steering, and Alignment 5 cr. (2+6P)
Types of steering systems, suspension maintenance and repair, four- wheel alignment procedures.

AUTO 127. Basic Automatic Transmission 4 cr. (2+4P)
Theory and operation of the automatic transmission; maintenance, troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair of components.

AUTO 132. Automotive Air-Conditioning and Heating Systems 4 cr. (2+4P)
Theory and operation, reading schematic diagrams, troubleshooting, repair, and replacement operations performed.

AUTO 137. Fuel Systems and Emission Controls 4 cr. (2+4P)
Covers theory and operation of fuel system and emission control. Troubleshooting, vacuum diagrams, overhaul, repair and adjustment of carburetion and fuel injection. Prerequisites: AUTO 117 or consent of instructor.

AUTO 221. Cooperative Experience I . 1-6 cr.
Supervised cooperative work program. Student is employed in an approved occupation and supervised and rated by the employer and instructor. Student will meet in a weekly class. Graded S/U. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

AUTO 255. Special Problems in Automotive Technology 1-5 cr.
Individual studies in areas directly related to automotive technologies. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. May be repeated for a maximum of 12credits.

AUTO 295. Special Topics 1-6 cr.
Topics to be announced in the Schedule of Classes.