NMSU Grants – Contact Tracing

Good morning, NMSU Grants!

We have an important update related to our coronavirus management provisions. It has been determined our biology faculty member, Anne Samrau, shall serve as our campus’ contact tracer. Contact tracing is a crucial step in any effort to contain the virus and create a safe and secure environment for everyone on campus. In her role as contact tracer, Anne is responsible for tracking the people who have come into contact with someone who is positive for the coronavirus.

This tracing is for those individuals’ own safety as well as others by ensuring they are able to take precautionary measures to avoid potential spread of the virus. Remember even if you do not exhibit any symptoms of the coronavirus, but have been in contact with someone who has been positively identified you may still be carrying the virus but as someone that is asymptomatic.
Please contact Anne Samrau at (505) 287-6661 or asemrau@nmsu.edu for further information.
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