Financial Aid

NMSU Grants Title IV Code is 008854

Nicole Kormick, Financial Aid Processor
& Scholarship Coordinator
Telephone: 505-287-6621

Patrick Clingman,
Financial Aid & Loan Advising
Telephone: 505-287-6628

Free Application for Federal Student Aid [FAFSA]

If you are a degree-seeking student,¬†complete the annual FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Applicants, and parents, must create a FSA ID (which replaces the former “pin number”). Be sure to keep your FSA ID in a safe place so that you can access it as needed.¬† To allow adequate processing, you need to complete the FAFSA as early as possible, at least six weeks prior to the start of the semester. You may complete a FAFSA anytime, however the deadline for the academic year is June 30.

Once you have submitted your FAFSA, check your email and your Financial Aid status for further verification requirements, within one week after submission. Nicole Kormick, Financial Aid Specialist, will assist you with the verification process. Financial aid cannot be disbursed until your file is complete and the semester begins. Check the NMSU Verification Policy. If you or your parents filed taxes, link to the IRS within FAFSA, which will reduce the verification requirements.  If you cannot link successfully, order a tax return transcript from, or call 1-800-908-9946 to request one.  Allow up to two weeks to receive your transcript. Temporarily, due to problems with the IRS Retrieval system, the Department of Education is allowing us to use signed copies of your federal tax forms. This may change at anytime.

NMSU Grants processes and awards all financial aid for our students. Please come to the Student Services Office or call for any financial aid questions. Questions will be directed to us from the Las Cruces office.

FAFSA is your gateway to federal Pell Grants, state grants, Work Study, Direct Student loans, Perkins loans, and many scholarships. There are many federal Department of Education requirements for academic and financial eligibility and it is in your best interest to become very familiar with these requirements.

Federal Student Loans

After completing your FAFSA application, if you feel you need to take out a student loan (in addition to any grant funding you’re eligible for):

  1. Download the Loan Acceptance Form. Please note that NMSU does not award loans for new freshmen until 30 days into the semester.  Financial Aid advisors will require verification that you are attending all classes and submitting academic work, before approving a loan.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Schedule an appointment with an Advisor to review your loan request by calling 287-6678 or by email.

Students must:

  • Submit all official college transcripts to NMSU Grants for admissions and financial aid. Missing transcripts may be grounds for suspension or delay in financial aid. Financial aid often requires your official high school transcript, despite having accrued college credits.
  • Report all resources to our office of financial aid: scholarships, tuition waivers, stipends, WIA, DVR, etc. All awards are subject to revision due to changes in policy, law, regulations, or errors in funding. You are responsible to repay excess funds disbursed for any of these reasons.
  • Attend class. You “earn” your financial aid by attending and completing classes. You may be billed for any portion of financial aid you did not earn by attending and completing or early withdrawal.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress. This means a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, passing at least 70% of your courses, and completing your degree by the time you’ve¬†attempted for 99 credit hours, regardless of performance. After your first unsatisfactory semester, you may receive a “warning”, which allows you to receive aid for one more semester. A financial aid advisor may put a hold on your account and contact you to meet with them before aid is disbursed.
  • See a financial aid advisor for guidance and submitting an Appeal if you have a status of “U-Suspension”. Check your financial aid status in your account. Download Financial Aid appeal and submit to your advisor by the Census date of the student’s enrollment period.¬† See an advisor for exceptions for late appeals.
  • You will be required to meet with your financial aid advisor to develop an academic plan, if the appeal is approved.
  • Once students earn their first Associate degree, if they choose to seek a second Associate degree or a Certificate, they must complete an appeal for a Second Degree. Financial aid is approved for only the required courses to complete your second degree.¬† Students are encouraged to speak with financial aid and academic advisors to discuss when is the best time to change their status to a Bachelor degree.

Financial Aid Resources