Student Orientation

Canvas Heading

What is Canvas?

  • Learning Management System (LMS); platform for online learning and course administration
  • Name of the product produced by the company Instructure (
  • Adopted by NMSU in 2012, replaces Blackboard LMS
  • Web-based, just like any other website it requires an Internet connection
  • Recommended browser: Firefox (by Mozilla)
    • Safari, Chrome okay
    • Internet Explorer (Microsoft) is not recommended
    • Need latest updates for Java and Flash
    • Canvas apps available for iOS and Android devices

How to access Canvas?

Learn about Canvas

The following resources are consolidated at the Canvas Student Support Course.

  1. Student Orientation handout (this)
  2. Are you ready for an online course?
  3. Video Overview of Canvas for Students, 1 of 2 (9:54)
  4. Video Overview of Canvas for Students, 2 of 2 (11:06)
  5. NMSU Student Technology Resources
  6. Instructure Canvas Student Orientation, 12 tutorials
  7. Instructure Canvas Student Quickstart Guide (FAQs)
  8. Profile of an Online Student (FYI)

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