Business Office

Phone: (505) 287-6653 | Email:

Business Services Staff will now be working remotely. If you wish to leave a message call (505) 287-6653,
option #2 for Tanya Barela; option #3 for Gayle Gurule; or option #4 for Alice Salcido

Payments for tuition and fees can be made online at:

Business Office and Cashier

The NMSU Grants Business Office is responsible for all cashiering, financial aid and payroll check distribution, dual credit and third-party textbook credit memo distribution, and verification of student account balances.

The Business Office is also responsible for the preparation, submittal, approval, and cost management of all Budgets, Accounting, and Reporting, including Salary verification, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, P-Card transactions, Grants & Contracts, Travel, Utilities, Inventory Management, and all other business related functions of the college.

We have combined the Cashier’s Office and Student Accounts, located in Room 05D, Martinez Hall, down the hall from the main Student Services office by the stairs.

Please visit us here to make payments on your accounts, to pick up your financial aid or payroll checks, pick up your dual credit and third party book credit memos, or to verify your student account balances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get my financial aid check?

If you are sure that your financial aid file is complete and you do not have any “holds” on your financial aid (check with Nicole Kormick via email or at 505-287-6621), you should receive a check between two to three days after your refund has been posted to your account. Please download Checking for a Refund (pdf) for instructions on checking your Student Account for your refund status.

Please check your Student Account on for your refund status before visiting the Business Office. (If you need additional assistance with your Student Account, please contact Gail Gurule via email or at 505-287-6623.

Avoid waiting for a paper check to be delivered from Las Cruces to the Grants Business Office by signing up for Direct Deposit. Download and complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Q: When will I get my bill for tuition?

Bills are now sent to students electronically. Please check your email for billing.

Q: When is Pay Day?

Pay checks are distributed on the 15th and the LAST day of every month. Should these dates fall on a Saturday or Sunday, checks are handed out the Friday before.

Q: How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

Download and complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form. You can also pick up a copy in the Business Office. Attach a voided check to the authorization form and bring it to Human Resources.

Q: How do I reserve a school vehicle?

Fill out a request in School Dude. A Defensive Driving Certificate and Vehicle Memorandum of Understanding are required to be on file in the Business Office. Download and read the  NMSU Vehicle Use Policy  and NMSU Grants Vehicle and Fuel Credit Card information (pdf). To request the Defensive Driving course, please contact Alice Salcido via email or at 505-287-6630.

Q: How do I request a refund for travel expenses?

Download and complete the Request for Per Diem Form (pdf)and return to the Cashier’s Office (505-287-6682), along with signed receipts for food and lodging if requesting actuals.

Q: What are the current fees and tuition rates?

Tuition and Fees (Summer/Fall 2020)