Assessment Committee

Assessment Committee

The purpose of Assessment Committee is to improve teaching and learning through assessment practices at both the course and academic program level.  This will be accomplished by assuring the quality of academic programs and effectiveness through processes designed to promote continuous improvement our courses and program that serve our diverse student population.  This committee will work to produce the annual New Mexico General Education Common Core Report; conduct regular academic program reviews; and recommend best practices for course assessment to improve student learning.


  •  The committee will meet monthly during the regular academic year.


  •  The members of this committee will include two (2) program managers from the, two (2) faculty members not serving on the Curriculum Committee, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Associate faculty may serve on this committee.

The minutes of this committee will be posted on the committee’s webpage. Program Review reports will be posted on the committee’s website as completed. General Education reports submitted to NM HED will be posted on the committee’s website.