Associated Student Government (ASG)

The Associated Student Government (ASG) is the student government entity for NMSU Grants. This organization has been established to provide student input to campus administrators, organize and support student activities, and assistance with various campus events. If you’re interested in campaigning to be a member of the ASG Board, please download and review this election packet. You can also download and read the ASG Constitution.

2020-2021 Board is accepting applications.

See Ambrosia Knighton, Lead Academic Advisor, or Patrick Clingman, VP for Student Services for a nomination packet.

Why join ASG?

  • Work with a dynamic group of people to enhance the college experience and help students achieve their personal and academic goals;
  • Develop leadership skills. ASG members will have opportunities to enhance their leadership skills through training opportunities, workshops, and government decision-making processes. These skills will be valuable as you pursue your academic and career goals;
  • Serve others both on campus and in the larger community. There are many needs in our community. Be a part of a team that develops creative and effective means of addressing some of these needs. Past projects have included food and book drives, domestic violence and breast cancer awareness activities and others.
  • Be an advocate for students who are interested in organizing a club or an event. Help them navigate the system to gain the resources they need to accomplish their goals. Listen to student concerns and bring them to the table for consideration.
  • The ASG is responsible for allocating student fees according to the wishes and needs of the student body. One of the responsibilities of the ASG, therefore, is to develop an effective way of assessing student/campus needs and eliciting ideas for meeting these needs that are fair and accessible to everyone.
  • Learn excellent communication skills. Working with a group to make decisions has its challenges—and its rewards. Working to understand ideas, opinions, and positions that may be different from yours requires maturity and high level communication skills. Developing these skills will serve you in every aspect of life, from personal to professional.
  • Be a valued part of the faculty/staff Campus Council, keeping abreast of decisions and plans for the development of the college and allocation of resources.
  • There is no direct monetary compensation for involvement in ASG; however, training, travel and other opportunities will be rewards for the service you provide to the campus community.

Ambrosia Knighton serves as advisor to ASG.


Anticipated Clubs for 2020-2021:

Aggie Game Jammers – Advisor, Karen Henry

SkillsUSA – Advisor, Richard Gutierrez

Phi Theta Kappa – Honorary membership; Advisor, Dr. Joan Erben