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Apply to NMSU  

Apply for admission and begin along your career pathway.

Prepare for Admission

Application Fee$20.00    [Non-refundable]  – Allow 2 Days for Processing Period of Application

  Transcript Submission(s) – High School/GED  (Request Official Transcripts from all previously attended Universities)
(Required for all Degree Seeking Students)

GED/High School Equivalency recipients must order their transcripts through: Diploma Sender

Non-Degree Seeking Students

  • Ineligible for Financial Aid
  • Transcripts are required
  • Change-of-Status requires ” good “ Academic Standing
  • See an advisor if you wish to audit a course

– Good Standing is (in part) denoted as (2.0 NMSU GPA) 
– Only 30 credits may carry over if changed to Degree Seeking

Follow these steps for Admission as a Non-Degree Student:

  1. Apply for the semester you register for a course
  2. Submit an official transcript
  3. Once admitted, activate your account
  4. See an advisor if an academic hold must be released
  5. Register at
  6. Pay tuition & fees at the Business Office
  7. Purchase your textbooks through the NMSU Bookstore


           All transfers to NMSU Las Cruces must submit for a

                                     Change of Campus


Eligibility to Transfer

  • Have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average, and 30 completed college credit hours
  • Have completed CCDE 110N and/or are eligible to enroll in ENGL 111
  • Have completed CCDM 114N and/or are eligible to enroll in MATH 120/MATH 210G
  • Have taken an ACT/SAT (only if you have completed less than 30 college credits after high school graduation)

Senior Citizens

On a space-available basis, senior citizens (65+) may enroll for up to 6 credit hours at $5.00 per credit, non-degree seeking status. State law requires that senior citizens taking more than 6 credit hours be charged full rate for all credits based on
in-district or out-of-district residency.


Please note all other applicable fees are charged at full rate.

These include but are not limited to: (Distance Education, Late Fees, Lab Fees, class materials, etc.)
Tuition & Fees (Spring 2021)

IMPORTANT: Early Registration prior to the first day of class will assess you the full ($86.00 per credit)


Steps to Register


New Students

Admissions Applications
& Transcripts

Financial Aid

Accuplacer Placement Test

Activate account


Student Orientation


Student ID

Payment Arrangements

Continuing Students



(renew every year)

Payment Arrangements


Readmission Application

Financial Aid



Student ID

Payment Arrangements

Online Registration

When beginning the registration process check with an advisor for registration dates open to you based on your current classification. If you do not know your present classification, request this information from your advisor at the time of inquiry.

Log into my.NMSU

  • Access your account at and enter your username and password.
  • Click here if you require a password reset or experience another account related issue

Check your Registration Status

  1. Click Student
  2. Click Registration & Registration Status
  3. Check to ensure all holds are cleared before registering

Look-Up a Class & Registration

  1. Click Student
  2. Click Registration
  3. Select Term
  4. On the Look-Up Classes page, select any known features of the class.
  5. Click Class Search
  6. Select the checkbox next to any class you would like to register
  7. Click Register

                        Registration Checklist

✔ Submit the Admission Application

✔ Apply for Financial Aid. Submit your FAFSA. Apply through Scholar Dollar$.One application for all NMSU scholarships!

You must apply once a year.

✔ Submit official transcripts. High School/GED and any universities you attended.

✔ Take the Accuplacer Placement Test. Obtain a ticket from Student Services then proceed to the
NMSU Grants Testing Center.

✔ Activate your account

✔ Attend the mandatory New Student Orientation. See Student Services for dates and times.

✔ Register for classes EARLY.

✔ Make payment arrangements with the Business Office.

✔ Obtain your Aggie ID in the Student Services Office

✔ Purchase your books. Books can be purchased from the NMSU bookstore.

✔ Always feel free to ask our staff questions. They are always glad to help!

Community Education Option

Distinct from other enrollment options, for members of our community you may take noncredit courses at NMSU Grants.

No Transcripts. No official Admission & Enrollment.

With minimal compliance with NMSU Grants’ policies and the Student Code of Conduct  you may take classes with little hassle. If you are interested please contact Student Services for registering for a class, also see: Community Outreach