Maintenance & Facilities

Facilities Management

  • Corley Valdez, Manager, 287-6650

To submit a request for services, a vehicle, or maintenance please:
  • Submit a School Dude ticket
  • Enter your NMSU email address & password
  • If the system does not recognize your credentials, contact Corley Valdez via email and request a School Dude setup.


Emergency Action Plan
Employee Safety Handbook
Vehicle Use Policy
Vehicle Fueling Procedure
School Dude Requester Manual

Emergency Phone Numbers

Grants Fire Dept - 911
Grants Police Dept - 911
Cibola County Sheriff - 911
Cibola Ambulance Service - 911

Non-Emergency Numbers

Grants Police - 287-2984
Cibola County Sheriff - 287-9476
NM State Police - 287-4141
Cibola General Hospital - 287-4446
Cibola General ER - 287-5261

Campus Safety - A Shared Responsibility

A campus community is one that relies on a peaceful, safe, and secure environment. Preserving this environment is a responsibility that everyone on campus must share. Members of the campus community are asked to be aware of and adhere to the policies described in this report and to be familiar with the nature of crime on campus. Being realistic about our risks is especially important. Believing we are safe from harm may give us peace of mind, but even communities with relatively low crime rates can experience increases in the number and seriousness of crimes. We each must make an effort to minimize opportunities for criminals and rely on ourselves and each other for our personal safety.

Do your Part to Make our Campus a Safe Place

BE ALERT for suspicious characters and dangerous situations.
BE CAUTIOUS so you won't become a victim and crime statistic.
PROTECT YOURSELF by being on guard at all times.
WATCH for suspicious characters or dangerous situations.
BE SECURITY CONSCIOUS by watching out for others and their property.

If you are Driving a Car

DRIVE with doors locked and windows rolled up.
PARK in well-lit areas.
The west parking lot (behind Martinez Hall) is reserved for faculty and staff. Students attending classes in Martinez Hall must park in the main parking lot on the east side of the building.
STORE valuables in a locked trunk or take them with you.
LOCK your trunk and doors when parking and TAKE your keys.

If you are Walking

DON’T WALK ALONE. Get a friend or classmate to go with you, especially at night.
USE PUBLIC WALKWAYS. Walk on well-lit paths. Avoid shortcuts & dark or isolated spots.
WOMEN should take extra precautions. DRESS FOR FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. Don’t wear long confining skirts, clogs, platform shoes, easy-to grab capes, etc.
KEEP PURSE tucked closely under your arm. Don’t overload yourself with bundles.

Report all crimes (actual, attempted or suspected) to police or campus officials.

To report a crime or an emergency on campus, call the Grants Police Department at 911.

Officers will respond to all reports of crime and emergencies. Prompt reporting of crimes greatly improves campus security and safety. Crime reports can be made at anytime. The Grants Police Department is open and police services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Priority is given to reports of incidents that threaten the life or safety of people, the security of property, and the peace of the community.

Grants Police Department

The NMSU-Grants Campus does not have a security force and, therefore, must rely on the Grants Police Department (GPD) for public safety issues. Any activities which you observe that make you uncomfortable or make you question the appropriateness of the activity should be reported to the Grants police. In addition to reporting the situation to the police department, you should also notify a staff or faculty member who can then inform the Facilities Manager of the incident.

Call the Grants Police Department if:

  • Someone is injured or ill.
  • You see fire or smell smoke.
  • You see anything suspicious.
  • Someone is hurting someone else.
  • You see someone stealing something.
  • You think you see an intoxicated or otherwise impaired person driving a vehicle or walking on campus