Drafting/Welding Program

Program Manager: Richard Gutierrez 
Phone: (505) 287-6645 
Email: richardg@nmsu.edu
Office: Room 121A, Martinez Hall, 2nd Floor

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Drafting Student Reviewing Notes
Plasma Cutter in operation

About the Program

The Welding & Drafting Trades program here at NMSU Grants place a major focus on building practical trade skills. You can either earn an Associate Degree or a Certificate in one of the programs under my purview. You'll the learn the basic practices, procedures, and terminology of the welding trade while you will extensively use CAD for our drafting courses, visualizing and producing workable models. You'll observe the synergy between my programs, it is recommended for the best performance you understand something of each area.

Additionally, the applications of these skills can extend to other fields such Metal Arts wherein you will be tasked with creating sculptures, jewelry, furniture, and frameworks to support other art media.For Drafting you'll find we have dedicated courses to showcasing and building the student a portfolio and Cooperative Experience to aid our students in finding employment post-degree.
Welding Core Courses  Drafing & Graphics Technology Requirements
WELD 100, Structural Welding I DRFT 100, Construction Principles & Blueprint Reading
WELD 110, Blueprint Reading (Welding) DRFT 109, Computer Drafting Fundamentals
WELD 120, Basic Metallurgy DRFT 114, Introduction to Solid Modeling
WELD 125, Introduction to Pipe Welding DRFT 118, Geometry for Drafting
WELD 130, Introduction to GMAW (MIG) DRFT 135, Electronics Drafting I
WELD 140, Introduction to OGTAW (TIG) DRFT 143. Civil Drafting Fundamentals
WELD 150, Pipe Welding II DRFT 176, Solid Modeling, Rendering & Animation
WELD 170, Welded Fabrication DRFT 180, Residential Drafting
WELD 180, GTAW II DRFT 181, Commercial Drafting
WELD 190, Welded Art DRFT 276, Computer Rendering & Animation
WELD 211, Welder Qualification N/A
WELD 221, Cooperative Experience N/A
Total Credits: 36-37 Credits Total Credits: 30 Credits

Welding Student grinding a metallic component