Mission, Vision, & Values Statements

Martinez Hall

Mission Statement

NMSU Grants provides an accessible quality education through innovative teaching and learning that promotes respect and service
for our diverse students and community.

Vision Statement

"   To embrace innovation in teaching and learning to promote a sustainable prosperous community.  "

Values Statement

We Honor These Values
Personal Success Growth Respect Healthy Lifestyles
Teamwork Community partnerships Stewardship Excellence
Integrity Positive Attitude Employability Empowerment
Intellectual Inquiry Social Justice Creativity Safe Environment

NMSU Grants Institutional Learning Outcomes

Goals & Articulation of Goals
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving - Actively and skillfully engage in the process of analyzing and evaluating in order to make judgments to solve problems.
  • Goal Setting & Initiative - Develop self-motivation and self-confidence in identifying and ranking priorities for achievements in life.
  • Technology & Information Literacy - Use technology effectively as a tool for communication and to complete tasks as well as to locate, evaluate and use information.
  • Professionalism - Use time management to meet deadlines and approach collaborations objectively.
  • Citizenship - Improve and affect positive change in communities at all levels including sustainability and global issues.
  • Lifelong Learning - Expose students to new and diverse modes of learning to spark a continuing quest for knowledge.
  • Reading/Writing/Math Ability - Acquire foundational abilities in reading, writing, and math that will enhance future studies, career, and citizenship.
  • Diversity & Cultural Value - Celebrate and enhance students’ sense of identity while encouraging inclusion and empathy.
  • Communication Skills - Practice essential listening, speaking, writing, and other forms of communication to advance and share ideas.
  • Ethics - Develop principles and standards of behavior supporting honesty and integrity while avoiding dishonesty and harm.
  • Commitment & Leadership - Cultivate perseverance and the ability to move ideas and positions forward.
  • Creativity - Foster and amplify innovation and imagination by connecting creative efforts to enhance life experiences.