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A letter to the NMSU Faculty from Writing Center Coordinator Steve Foggatt

Dear Colleagues:

As you may have heard, the NMSU Grants Writing Center is now operational. Whether writing is a primary focus of your class or only an occasional emphasis, we are here to support you by assisting your students in producing higher quality essays/assignments/projects, along with promoting effective writing techniques in a more general sense.

As a long-time teacher myself, I fully understand the special relationship that is formed between teachers and students, and I also recognize that all teachers develop a unique instructional style based on personal preference and years of experience. With that in mind, please be assured that our goal at the Writing Center is not to “intrude on your territory” or to interfere with the learning environment that you have carefully cultivated in any way, shape, or form. Rather, our purpose is to supplement your instruction by providing additional resources that are customized to your exact specifications.

Having said that, I envision a threefold operational strategy categorized as follows:

One-on-one student tutoring…..The Writing Center welcomes all walk-in clients during regular business hours or by appointment. In the interest of encouraging utilization of and familiarity with the center, I am hopeful that we can arrange a system whereby students are required to visit the center as part of the course curriculum, either on an open-ended basis (e.g., three times per semester), in conjunction with a particular assignment, or as an extra credit opportunity, depending on the individual needs of each professor.

Writing presentations/workshops…..Whether the topic happens to be “correct use of apostrophes” or “proper APA format,” we can deliver informative overviews or specific tutorials designed to sharpen your students’ writing skills. These events can take place either in the Writing Center or in your classroom, and will of course be tailored to fit a particular assignment or unit of study at your direction.

Classroom support…..We are also available to assist with in-class writing assignments or writing-oriented group activities. I know what a blessing it can be to have another professional on hand in the learning environment to provide immediate feedback, and we are happy to offer supplemental instruction in any way that you may deem beneficial to enhance your students’ learning.

Many of you I have met already, and I plan to meet all of you over the course of the next few weeks. My staff and I will be participating in new student orientation, and I hope you will invite us into your classes so that we can introduce ourselves to your students. Ultimately, my objective is to seamlessly integrate the activities of the center into the academic culture here at Grants, so that faculty and students alike utilize our services as a matter of routine.

Please feel free to stop by, email, or phone me with any suggestions you may have as to how the Writing Center can best serve your instructional needs. I am certainly receptive to your feedback, and I look forward to working with all of you as we move ahead. Thank you very much in advance for your support as we collaborate to improve the writing skills of all students here at NMSU Grants!

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