Our Title V Grant: Cambiando Nuestros Paisajes de Aprendizaje (Changing Our Learning Landscape)

What is Title V?

Title V is a federally funded grant program through the U.S. Department of Education. Title V funding is competitively awarded to institutions of higher education serving Hispanic, low-income and under-represented student populations. These postsecondary institutions, HSIs (Hispanic-Serving Institutions), are eligible based on enrollment documentation of a “fixed” percentage of full-time Hispanic undergraduate students in the year preceding the grant award. Other factors included in awarding Title V funding: the per capita income-level, the educational needs of the community, the institution’s vision for educational development through offering academically enhanced courses and rigorous programs.  The program is funded for five years.

How Are We Changing Our Learning Landscape?

-We have built a new Math Lab and a new Writing Center to support student learning.

-We have Math Lab and Writing Center coordinators and professional tutors.

-We have equipped classrooms with state of the art technology.

-Faculty are offered training on innovative instruction strategies using technology and experiential, project-based learning practices.

-Students will be providing needed service to the community as a part of their coursework through Service Learning.

What are the initiatives of the NMSU Grants Title V project?

Faculty and staff are working together to increase student course and degree completion.  All initiatives are directed toward this goal.  More than 40 key courses will be redesigned during the course of this project.  They will be redesigned to incorporate the most current and effective technology and teaching approaches including collaborative and experiential learning.

Essential Components of Course Redesign

Title V Interview KMIN with Brian Johnson

What is Service Learning?

Service learning is an instructional method that integrates service to the community into academic instruction through reflective thinking about both the academic learning and civic responsibility.

 Service Learning is a teaching and learning method that connects meaningful community service with academic learning through guided reflection. Areas of focus include:

Resources for Faculty

Teaching Academy: Faculty Training Opportunities

Best Practices in Collaborative Instruction from Univ. of Charlotte

What Do Collaborative Learning Spaces Look Like?

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These are exciting times on the NMSU Grants campus and we look forward to sharing success stories along the way!

The NMSU Grants’ Title V Office – Martinez Hall (Office Number

Stop by our Title V office or contact us:

PIC: Brian Johnson, Title V Director
Brian Johnson (Project Director)

Meet the Title V Team!

PIC: Tanya Barela  PIC: Connie Lyons  PIC: Rosemary Carlson PIC: Louis Bear Eagle  PIC: Steve Foggatt
Tanya Berala Connie Lyons Rosemary Carlson Louis Bear Eagle Steve Foggatt



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Office of Postsecondary Education

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