Student Success Center

Our Mission

To facilitate student success by providing technology, individual support, and resources that enable students to excel.

Our Vision

To advance the mission of NMSU Grants Campus through innovating, training, and support.

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Your Avenue for Success
It is the objective of the Student Success Center to serve as a place for our students in pursuit of academic excellence
Peer Mentors – We are here to help and support you as an NMSU student. We will assist you with questions you may have concerning your courses. We will help you navigate your online Canvas course. We will assist you with research data bases such as library database and google scholar database. If, we cannot address your concerns we will connect you with the academic and campus resources available to help you. Please come visit with us,
Your Peer Mentor TEAM
Dr. Charlotte Otts, Professional Tutor – I am a retired professor and have taught a variety of college science courses. These courses include: general biology, human biology, cellular and organismal biology, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, evolution, paleontology, comparative chordate anatomy, geology geography, algebra-based physics, and chemistry. I loved science all my life and always find that I am fascinated by all areas of science. I hope to be able to assist you in all aspects of your courses. Please come and visit with me,
Dr. Charlotte Otts   
In addition to mentoring and tutoring, there is a high speed Wi-Fi computer lab, a study area with resource books, laptop computers  and a lounge viewing room.

AccuTrack Sign-In

All Students accessing the Student Success Center are required to log-in and log-out through the designated AccuTrack data system. AccuTrack enables the secure collection of data on specific usage of resources utilized at the Student Success Center.

Location & Hours of Operation

The Student Success Center is located in Martinez Hall, 2nd Floor in Room 125.
The hours of operation for the fall semester are:
Monday – Thursday 8:00AM to 7:00PM,
Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM
with full closure on holidays.

Contact information:

Student Success & Testing Center phone: 505-287-6691


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SSC Staff

Testing Center Coordinator: Melody Simpson

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Peer Tutors:

Alysia Matthew Kori


Professional Tutor: Charlott Otts

PIC: Dr Charlotte Otts


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