Student Success and Testing Center

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Student Success and Testing Center

The Student Success and Testing Center (SSC) offers NMSU Grants students:

  • Computer Lab: 23 Dell desktop computers, 4 iMacs, and a WEPA printing kiosk (B&W 9 cents/page, color 49 cents/page).
  • Tutoring: One-on-one, drop-in tutoring in English, math, history or science at no cost to the student. Instructors can refer students for SSC tutoring services.
  • Self-paced tutorial software: PLATO, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, and Rosetta Stone.
  • Space:  for students to study individually or in groups.
  • Testing center: for proctored and official testing, including the Compass Placement Test.


Tutoring (Tentative)

Monday – Thursday, 10:00a – 8:00p
Friday, 10:00a – 3:00p
Saturday, 10:00a – 2:00


Monday – Thursday, 10:00a – 7:00p
Friday, 10:00a – 2:00p

SSC Staff

Olivia RaelJanet PrewettOlivia Rael (287-6640) serves as Coordinator for the Student Success and Testing Center.

In addition to managing the center and coordinating testing, she is available to help students with study strategies, time management, and reading comprehension.

With funding provided by the Native American Serving Non-Tribal Institutions (NASNTI) federal grant, the SSC offers an outstanding professional tutor to assist students.

Janet Prewett is an adjunct math instructor at NMSU Grants as well as a tutor and mentor in the center. She assists students in English, Spanish, and math. Her tutoring days are Monday through Thursday. Janet has also taken on the role of mentoring NMSU Grants students in a collaborative effort with the Student Services staff. The goal of the mentoring program is to guide those students in need of college survival skills.

Jim FiskJim Fisk, professional tutor, can assist students with basic writing assignments and research projects (all areas) as well as tutor students with English, Business/Economics and History/Political Science.

Larisa and KellyThe Student Success and Testing Center also employs two peer tutors:

  • Kelly Beym – Math, Chemistry, Biology, English
  • Larisa Smith – Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Math, CNA, Health

Compass Testing Information

All first time students, entering freshman, are required to take the Compass Exam which is an English/math placement test. This test will determine at what class level you will be placed in, for these two subjects. To avoid having to be placed in pre-college classes, you are encouraged to study prior to taking the test. The following links will guide you to online study guides and preparatory material.

To take the Compass Placement Exam, you must provide a photo ID — NO EXCEPTIONS. Acceptable photo identification is provided by a state-issued drivers license, campus ID, or government/military ID.

Proctored Exams

The SSC provides proctored exams as a service for students and faculty. If you are in need of taking a proctored exam or giving one, you have three options for submitting a request:

  1. Complete the online request form, or
  2. Download, complete, and submit the paper form, or
  3. Come by the SSC and pick up a form to complete.

Students must submit their request to the SSC no later than 5 days prior to the requested exam date. If using a paper form, bring the form to the SSC, Room 125.

Student should also remind their instructors to request the proctored exam as explained below.

  1. Complete the online request form, or
  2. Download, complete, and submit the paper form, or
  3. Come by the SSC and pick up a form to complete.

Instructors must ensure that the requested exam is delivered or emailed to the SSC ( no later than 24 prior to the requested exam time. To ensure validity, do NOT send your exam through campus mail.

If the instructor prefers that the exam be returned via postal mail, please provide a large self-addressed manila envelope with postage. All non-returned exams will be securely disposed of at the end of each term.