Dual Credit Student Information

Ambrosia Aranda

Ambrosia Aranda,
Dual Credit Coordinator

The Dual Credit Program was established to increase educational options and opportunities for high school students. Eligible high school students are allowed to enroll in college level courses, simultaneously earning credit at both secondary and post-secondary levels. Dual Credit exposes students to college level responsibilities, allows students to investigate career options that schools and districts otherwise could not provide, and offers students a low cost/no cost pathway to earning college credits before they graduate from high school.

Eligibility and Course Choices

  • Public high school students enrolled in more than half of required courses.
  • Permission granted by parents and high school.
  • Meet general requirements for admission and academic standing required by the university.
  • Course choices must be part of approved degree or vocational certificate program.
  • Course may be offered in either traditional classroom format or online.

Benefits of Dual Credit

  • Earn credits for both high school and college in courses that are only offered at the college.
  • Learn what to expect from college while you’re still in high school.
  • Discover or confirm what academic areas most interest you as possible career choices.
  • Dual Credit courses are free to the student – all tuition, books, and general fees are waived for participating students.

How to Apply

  1. Complete and submit the NMSU Application for Undergraduate Admission.
  2. Request, obtain, and submit an official copy of your high school transcript.
  3. Meet with the NMSU Grants Dual Credit Coordinator, Ambrosia Aranda, 287-6620 or email. Bring your completed and signed Agreement of Understanding.
  4. Complete and submit the State of New Mexico Dual Credit Request Form.
  5. Take the Compass Placement Test offered by NMSU Grants Student Success Center.
  6. Create your myNMSU account, which will become your NMSU email address. Register for classes.
  7. Take your class schedule to the Business Office to obtain a credit memo for your required books. Obtain required books from the NMSU bookstore and prepare for classes. These books must be returned to the bookstore upon completion or withdrawal.

Prepare for Classes

Before classes start, review the various steps and resources that are available on campus to help you Prepare for Classes.