Here are some of the items discussed during the first two Friday morning IT Open Sessions. The next session will be this Friday, October 11, anytime between 8:00-10:00a in Room 124. (All)

  • Take advantage of your FREE premium membership and learn whatever you want with video tutorials. (No longer available.)

Office 365 (All)

  • NMSU completed Phase 2 of the Office 365 upgrade on September 28th. This affects NMSU Outlook webmail (not your desktop Outlook Exchange email if you use MS Office Exchange), SkyDrive Pro, Calendar, Office Web Apps, and at some point in the future, Lync.
  • PERSONAL SkyDrive: When you login to, the “Personal SkyDrive” link under “Quick Links” takes you to the login page for what used to be your NMSU SkyDrive account. But now it’s your PERSONAL SkyDrive account with 7GB of free online space for storage or sharing. You’ll have to login again with your full NMSU email address and password. Your PERSONAL SkyDrive account is no longer associated with NMSU so there is no support for it — so when you change your NMSU password every 120 days, your PERSONAL SkyDrive password will NOT change or be synched in any way to your NMSU account. You can also access your PERSONAL SkyDrive by logging in at with your FULL NMSU email address and password.
  • SkyDrive PRO: When you login to and select the webmail icon (or if you go to, you will go into your new Office 365 Outlook webmail. On the top menu bar you’ll also see links for Calendar | People | Newsfeed | SkyDrive | Sites | … (which will take you to and the MS Office Web Apps). The SkyDrive on this menu bar is your new SkyDrive Pro account which IS connected with your NMSU account and supported by NMSU.
  • Office Web Apps: If you select the … ( from the Office 365 menu bar, you can open and edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents using the online Office Web Apps. Note that you CANNOT “Install Office on your PC or Mac” unless you are prepared to pay for an Office 365 subscription. If you already have MS Office on your computer, you probably won’t be interested in the Office Web Apps. However, if you’re a student or employee and do NOT have Office on your personal computer(s), you can take advantage of educational pricing to purchase the full desktop license subscription for Office 2013.
  • The Lync video and instant messaging service is part of the Office 365 suite but has not yet been rolled out by NMSU.

Canvas (Instructors, Students)

  • Talked about the impact of leaving grades blank, vs. posting a zero, on the grade calculations. Blanks in the gradebook are not calculated in the students’ course percentages. So if they should’ve received a zero for not doing the assignment, leaving it blank will show a higher percentage than actually earned.
  • To download the Gradebook to Excel, go to your Gradebook, click on the Gear icon in the upper left, from the dropdown menu select “Download Scores (csv).” The file will download to the default file download location on your computer, which you can then open with Excel.
  • Remember that the Inbox/Conversations tool is not course-specific – it applies to the individual student or teacher. You continue to see messages from completed courses unless you delete them.
  • Don’t overlook the help that’s available from the Canvas Guides and Community Forums at From within your Canvas course, click on the orange Help link in the upper right corner, then select help source you want to connect to.


  • Don’t forget we now have four iMacs in the Student Success Center for those of you who prefer to work on a Mac. Each of these computers has all the Mac software as well as MS Office and Adobe CS6.
  • Check out our Computer/IT Orientation page for lots of good general information about the technology resources available on campus.
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