Career Services


We invite NMSU Grants students and alumni to make use of the Career Services offered by the Student Services staff, including the NMSU Grants Testing Center and the Career Beam online tool.

NMSU Grants Testing Center

NMSU Grants Testing Center now has the capability of offering the National Career Readiness Certification via ACT WorkKeys. Students successfully completing the assessments can earn ACT’s National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), a credential respected throughout the United States. This assessment system measures real-world job skills and will help evaluate foundational and soft skills that are so important in the job market.

This Career Readiness Certificate program is free to NMSU-Grants students and accessible at the Student Success Center during regular SSC testing hours.  Click here for more information on the WorkKeys assessments and further explanation on the benefits of the National Career Readiness Certificate.

Career Beam

CareerBeam is a comprehensive, 24/7, user-friendly program that helps you determine what you want in your career and offers the steps to achieve it. It is a self-paced process to help you clarify your career goals, develop a professional resume and cover letter, prepare for interviews, develop a network, and implement a strategic career search.

CareerBeam helps you tap into the hidden market of jobs and internships by providing access to investigations of over 15 million companies and 20 million industries. It also allows you to identify over 2 million international companies in more than 70 countries. CareerBeam is constantly updating companies’ information so you can have the most current knowledge available.

Career Beam services can be used by all current NMSU Grants students, as well as graduates. To use the services, you will need to first create a Career Beam account using the following links:

Career Beam services include:

  1. Search among thousands of jobs and internships from around the country as well as internationally.
  2. Build a resume from a number of different templates best suited to your career choice.
  3. Practice interview skills by responding to questions posed on video. You can even record your own responses for review later.
  4. If you are undecided about a career choice, there are a number of inventories/questionnaires that you can take to help you clarify your values, preferences and skill set related to various career options.

Other Career Counseling Services

Student Services also offer consultation when it comes to job search strategies, resume review, and creating or joining networks that may assist you with future employment opportunities. We have access to career exploration inventories that we can help you interpret that may reveal a previously unconsidered career option. Contact Beth or Brian at 505-287-6628 or 6629.