Students and all employees are invited to attend the first in a series of webinars called the Security and Sustainability Forum.  Panels of scholars and researchers will discuss hypothetical but possible world events and discuss what the likely reverberations would be around the globe.  The webinar forum will be viewed on Tuesday, October 8 from 11:00 – 1:00 in the Conference Room (03).  We have scheduled time after the viewing to discuss the webinar and its relevance to our country and community. If you can’t join us in 03, you can enroll in the webinar yourself here.Security and Sustainability Photo

Join us on October 8 as the Security & Sustainability Forum kicks off a series of five, 60-minute webinars on international environmental security, co-produced by the National Council on Science and the Environment and  led by experts from the Stimson Center and the Elliot School of International Affairs.

What if the Russians Opened the Northern Sea Route for Regular Arctic Shipping?

This is one of the questions SSF will explore in our new five part series on International Environmental Security.

Environmental security is the intersection of global ecological conditions and the attributes of a state that make it secure. Oil exploration in the Arctic, global pandemics, trade in fresh water, and international food markets are only some of the environmental security topics that are of rising concern to policymakers, academics, and business leaders around the world.

Each webinar panel will examine a hypothetical scenario that could be a game-changer for national security, international business interests, political science theory, and our global environment.

The first panel will examine the potential security and ecological ramification of increased Arctic transit. Then we will air a new webinar on the first Tuesday of each of the following four months, addressing issues such as water shortages in critical areas, new environmentally-vectored pandemics, food sovereignty vs. agro-imperialism, and the coulds and shoulds of geoengineering.

The panels are still being formed but here are the topics and preliminary scenarios. Registration is open for the Arctic session on October 8th.

Potential for Conflicts in the Arctic
October 8, 2013
1:15 pm to 2:25 pm ET
Hypothetical Scenario: The Russians open the Northern Sea Route for regular ship traffic

Registration for the remaining events in the series will open shortly

November 5: panel on water security
Scenario: Yemen runs out of water

December 3: panel on public health
Scenario: A new mosquito-borne disease out of Asia/Africa

January 7: panel on food security
Scenario: A Middle East nation leases agricultural land in Ethiopia

February 4: panel on geo-engineering
Scenario: India decides to deploy aerosols to combat warming

This series is led Dr. Elizabeth Chalecki, Visiting Research Fellow, Environmental Security Program, Stimson Center at George Washington University and author of Environmental Security; and Marcus King, John O. Rankin Associate Professor of International Affairs from the Elliot School at George Washington University.

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