Campus Policies

NMSU Grants Campus

Academic Misconduct Policy

Students who wish to appeal a grade will need to follow the procedures outlined below. The academic appeals process requires a series of steps whether the appeal is being initiated by faculty or students. Please read the steps as described in the documents below. If you wish to proceed with an appeal, the Signature Page must be filled out completely and submitted to the Academic Misconduct Appeals Committee.

Students with Disabilities

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), students with disabilities who need special services in the classroom or have difficulty gaining access to any university building, should contact Beth Armstead, Vice President for Student Services at 287-NMSU (6678). Students must self-disclose their need for accommodations.

Student RIGHT-TO-KNOW and Campus Security Act

NMSU is required to provide to you information in accordance with Federal Regulation 34 CFR Part 86 of the Department of Education and the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act. You can access the information by going to, and then selecting the “Annual Reports” link on the left menu or view the Annual Security Report from 2016 here: Annual Security Report(s)

Student Code of Conduct

The Vice President for Student Affairs (NMSU Las Cruces) establishes and enforces non-academic standards of conduct for all NMSU students. The Vice President for Student Services, Beth Armstead, enforces conduct for the Grants campus. Obtain your copy of the Student Code of Conduct in Student Services or online in the back of the NMSU Grants Catalog.

Course Transfer

The institution to which you transfer determines transferability of courses taken at NMSU Grants. Usually, general education courses (marked “G”) are accepted by other institutions when these courses apply to a degree program at the school. Technical, vocational, or special courses (OE/BOT) may be applied to Baccalaureate degrees only upon petition to and approval from the institution to which you transfer. For information, contact an adviser or review a copy of the latest NMSU Grants catalog and consult the institution you may plan to transfer credits to.

Children on Campus

Children should not be left unattended or be permitted to disrupt classes. Small Wonders Child Care Center, on the NMSU Grants campus, offers childcare to students, faculty, and staff for children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years, for an established fee. Contact Small Wonders Child Care Center, 287-3868. Apply early as there is often a waiting list. The Center does not offer “drop in” care.

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