NMSU Grants New Student Orientation

Contact Student Services for the orientation schedule. 505-287-6678

New StudentOne of the most important first steps that new college students can take is to attend campus orientation. Among the topics you’ll learn about are:

  • Advising and planning your college career
  • Accommodations for special needs
  • Expectations and policies for student behavior and performance
  • Library resources
  • Resources for student success
  • Resources for computer support, email, and online courses
  • Printing on campus
  • Introduction to Associated Student Government, clubs and organizations
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

Online Support for Orientation

Welcome! This online New Student Orientation is comprised of what we in Student Services consider to be essential information for new students.  We offer important aspects of academic and career planning, the requirements for maintaining good financial aid standing, some technical resources that you will need to know how to use, and support services that can help you with particularly challenging classes.  As you view these modules, keep in mind that being an effective and successful student requires being mindful of a number of details.  Although staff and faculty are here to help all students, the ultimate responsibility lies with you, the student, to be as informed as possible so that you can make decisions to help you reach your academic and career goals.  In that spirit we offer you this crucial information, now available to you online.

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