Native American Program Initiatives

The Native American Program, with funding from the NASNTI Grant, supports local community initiatives including:

Adult Basic Education and Other Student Support

The adult education program is a non-credit part of NMSU Grants that helps students who have not completed high school. The program will help improve reading, writing, math and/or English communication skills, and will help students earn their GED (General Education Development) diploma, prepare for higher education, keep or find a job, or reach specific individual goals. There are two Adult Basic Education Outreach Centers:

  • Pueblo of Acoma
  • Pueblo of Laguna
  • To’hajiilee

Dual Credit Summer Academies

The Dual Credit program was established to increase educational opportunities for high school students, simultaneously earning them credit at secondary and post-secondary levels. It allows students to explore career options and offers students a pathway to earning college credits before they graduate from high school.

This Department of Education Title III Grant through NMSU funds Summer Academies for Dual Credit students. Transportation and Lunch is provided. More information is available on our website in late spring.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 2.25 CUM GPA with leadership abilities, positive attitude, and open to learning.
  • Grants, Laguna-Acoma, Tohajiilee, Tse Yi Gai, Thoreau, or Quemado High School incoming Freshmen through incoming Seniors. Limited to 20 students per Academy.
  • Complete NMSU Grants Summer Dual Credit application packet.
  • High School Transcripts

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