Library Passport Program

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Library Passport Program

The Passport Program allows NMSU-Grants students, staff and faculty to borrow materials in person from other participating  academic libraries in New Mexico. The Passport Program is sponsored by the New Mexico Consortium of Academic Libraries (NMCAL).

NMCAL Passport Member Libraries:

Prior to Visiting Another Library

  • All prospective borrowers must have a current NMSU Grants photo ID card and be in good standing with the NMSU-Grants Library.
  • When possible, initiate the process at the NMSU-Grants Library to verify that you are in good standing and have your photo ID. We will contact the library you plan to visit to let them know you may be coming to borrow materials and that you are in good standing.
  • You may visit another library without initiating the process at the NMSU-Grants Library; however, at the discretion of the library you are visiting, Passport privileges may not commence until your status has been confirmed with NMSU-Grants. The confirmation process could be delayed depending on the availability of program liaisons and library service hours.
  • Verify the hours of the library you plan to visit by checking its web site before you make the trip.

Borrower’s Responsibilities

  • Present your NMSU-Grants photo ID at the library you are visiting when you are ready to check out materials.
  • Provide any additional contact information required by the lending library and sign any and all documents required by the lending library with respect to borrowers’ privileges and responsibilities.
  • Observe the policies and regulations of the lending library, and understand that all library services may not necessarily be available to you as a Passport Program borrower (e.g. computer use, interlibrary loan, etc.).
  • Understand that the number of items allowed for checkout to Passport Program borrowers is determined by the respective lending library.
  • Return materials in person or by mail within the loan period determined by the lending library.
  • Return materials immediately in person or by priority mail, if recalled by the lending library.
  • Pay fines or other charges incurred as the result of late return, damage, or loss of material.
  • Be aware that abusing borrowing privileges will result in losing those privileges.