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Library Services

Library Priorities

The campus library offers a wide range of services for NMSU students, staff and faculty, as well as members of the local community. Please be aware that staff assistance and facilities are focused on the needs of college students and faculty, therefore those needs must take priority over the needs of our community users.

Checkout Books and Other Materials

15 books for 4 weeks (return after 2 weeks if recalled by NMSU student, staff or faculty member); can renew if no one else has requested item (Crimson and Centennial Scholars’ 25 books for semester loan; return after 2 weeks if recalled by NMSU student, staff or faculty member).

Interlibrary Loan

Books not owned by the campus library can frequently be borrowed from another library (ILL Book Request); occasionally, the library can obtain a photocopy of a periodical article from another library (ILL Article Request). Please allow two weeks from date of request to receipt of item.

Reserve Materials

Materials placed on Reserve for NMSU Grants classes are available for 2-hour, in-library use.

Math DVDs

DVDs accompanying math textbooks are available for check out; 3 DVDs maximum for 3 days.

Use the Library Computers

Library ComputersThe library provides computers and Internet access in support of the educational mission of the college. These workstations are equipped for Internet access, online research databases, Microsoft Office applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher.

NMSU students have priority use at all times. The adult general public is welcome to use the library’s four designated public/student computers when they are not needed by NMSU students.

All users must be 18 years of age or older to use the computers (except dual credit students). Users between the ages of 14 and 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All users should be prepared to present a valid I. D. card of one of the following forms: NMSU student I. D. card, Mother Whiteside Library card (must be a registered by the NMSU Library*), NMSU Grants Library card (must be a registered patron*), or Adult Education/GED student identification.

(Exceptions to these guidelines may be granted at the discretion of the library staff. These policies and guidelines are subject to continuous review and modification as deemed appropriate).

Research needs always take priority over recreational use by all users (e.g., chatting, game playing, “net surfing”, etc.).

Internet users will not engage in illegal activity that might threaten local networks, databases, or network security. This includes downloading or printing copyrighted material that is not in the public domain (such as music, song lyrics, images, etc.). Online gambling using the Library computers is not permitted.

Network users will abide by generally accepted network standards that include courtesy and respect for other individuals and their right to privacy.

NMSU Grants will not be held liable for any damage to a user’s disk or computers, or for any loss of data, damage, or negative consequences that may occur as a result of the use of the library’s computer equipment, online services, or Internet connection.

Copying and PrintingLibrary WEPA Kiosk


There is a self-service photocopier located in the library that accepts coins and dollar bills.                                                                         Black & White copies cost:                                                                      8 1/2″ X 11″ = 10 cents                                                                         8 1/2″ X 14″ = 15 cents                                                                        11″ X 17″ = 20 cents                                                                           Color copies  cost:                                                                                  8 1/2″ X 11″ = 50 cents                                                                        8 1/2″ X 14″ = 75 cents                                                                      11″ X 17″ = $1.00


Printing is available from the library’s computer workstations through the WEPA printing kiosks, a campus-wide pay-for-print system. $2.00, $5.00 and $10.00 WEPA cards are available for purchase from the campus business office during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. $2.00 WEPA cards are also available for purchase in the library through the WEPA card dispenser located adjacent to the WEPA Kiosk. The dispenser accepts only $1.00 bills; the library can not provide change. Debit and credit cards may also be used for WEPA prints; a 40 cent card usage fee is charged for each print job.                                                                                                                                                                                Prints are 8 1/2″ X 11″ only. Black and white prints cost 10 cents per page; color prints cost 50 cents per page.

NOTE: there is no longer a WEPA kiosk in the Cyber Cafe. WEPA kiosks are now located in the Library and the Student Success Center.


Videotapes and DVD’s may be borrowed for classroom use; by special request tapes and DVD’s may be checked out for preview.

Several TV/VCR and TV/VCR/DVD units and three Laptop Computer On Wheels (COW) units are available for classroom use . Reserve ahead of time by calling 287-6638 or completing an Audio-Visual/Instructional Equipment Reserve Form is highly recommended since the equipment is limited.

Other Library Services

Instruction Session/Tour

The Library is happy to provide students with instruction on use of the Library, databases, and general research. These services are offered on an appointment basis. Please contact the Librarian at 287-6639 to schedule an appointment.

Faculty members may request a library instruction session or library tour for an introduction to resources, services, etc. by contacting the librarian at 287-6639, by email:, or by completing an Instruction Session/Tour Request Form. Please make requests at least one week in advance of session date.

Reference Consultation

Students and faculty members who would like in-depth assistance with library resources, research strategies or services may request an individual consultation with the librarian by appointment.

Purchase Recommendation

Faculty members are encouraged to submit purchase recommendations for books, periodical subscriptions, videos and online resources to the librarian.

Community Patron Borrower’s Policy

To borrow library materials, community patrons of Cibola County must register for an NMSU Grants Library card. Registrations are not issued electronically.

To register for a borrower’s card, you must be present in the library and:

  • Complete and sign the Community Patrons Application.
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Present a valid I. D.
  • Provide documentation to confirm Cibola County residency such as a check with local address imprinted, driver’s license, or utility bill.

Upon registration, borrower’s cards are mailed to the address on the registration form. Borrowers are to return the card in person to NMSU-Grants Library for validation. Borrower’s cards are not issued on site as address verification for a New Mexico driver’s license.

To borrow materials, patrons must present a valid NMSU Grants Library card, or/and I.D. card of one of the following forms: NMSU student I. D. card,, or Adult Education/GED student identification, valid state or federal ID card, and must be a registered patron with the NMSU Grants Library.

Community patrons may check out up to five books for four weeks and books can be renewed for an additional four weeks if no one else has requested the book.

Community members may also use the internet computers. The computer use policy must be followed.

Library staff members are happy to assist members of the local community as time permits.

Staff members can not provide legal, medical, or tax advice or interpretation. They also do not assist community users with typing, resume’ preparation, or proofreading letters, etc.

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