Join us in the NMSU Grants theater for a showing of 3 documentary films on the theme CONNECTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES: Think Outside the Mine. Starting at 10:00am on Saturday, March 15, the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (MASE) and the Laguna-Acoma Coalition for a Safe Environment (LACSE) will show these three films:

  • 10:00a – PBS Frontline: Nuclear Aftershock … Could a Fukushima-like disaster happen to us? March 11 marks the third anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan.
  • 12:10p – Split Estate … Imagine that while you own the land, you don’t own the mineral rights beneath your home. Imagine you have no recourse when a mining company will drill for natural gas two hundred feet from your front door. The drilling boom in the Rocky Mountain states creates tragedy as citizens struggle with loss of civil liberties and their health.
  • 1:30p – Tailings … Just outside of Grants, New Mexico, is a toxic heap of uranium waste or tailings. After 30 years of failed clean-up, the waste has deeply contanimated the air and water near the former uranium capital of the world. Tailings is a cinematic investigation into the pile that is gravely shaping the lives of those living in its shadow.

Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment