Standing Committees



(revised 4/22/2015 by BH)


Academic Misconduct Appeals Committee

The ultimate purpose of this committee is to promote at NMSU Grants intellectual and personal growth of individuals by encouraging honest and forthright academic endeavors.  This committee consists of faculty, staff and students to review allegations of academic misconduct.  The committee has the power to convene hearings on various forms of academic misconduct including plagiarism, cheating, dishonest scholarship, and unauthorized assistance as well as faculty classroom misconduct.  The committee requires that academic disputes between teachers and students or vice versa involve conversation and arbitration with the program manager before filing a form to request an academic misconduct appeal hearing.  Upon receiving an appeal request form, the committee holds a closed hearing and issues findings and recommendations to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.



  • Meetings are held as necessary throughout the entire calendar year.



  • Members of AMAC include two regular faculty members, one associate faculty member, two students, and a member of Student Services as ex-officio.

Assessment Committee

The purpose of Assessment Committee is to improve teaching and learning through assessment practices at both the course and academic program level.  This will be accomplished by assuring the quality of academic programs and effectiveness through processes designed to promote continuous improvement our courses and program that serve our diverse student population.  This committee will work to produce the annual New Mexico General Education Common Core Report; conduct regular academic program reviews; and recommend best practices for course assessment to improve student learning.


  •  The committee will meet monthly during the regular academic year.


  •  The members of this committee will include two (2) program managers from the, two (2) faculty members not serving on the Curriculum Committee, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Associate faculty may serve on this committee.

The minutes of this committee will be posted on the committee’s webpage. Program Review reports will be posted on the committee’s website as completed. General Education reports submitted to NM HED will be posted on the committee’s website.

Committee of Committees

The Committee of Committees serves to assist in the coordination of activities within and across functionally of standing campus committees and other pertinent campus programs and units.

This facilitation may occur through timely communication and dialogue amongst the various standing committees, by providing suggestions and recommendations for activities that improve planning, implementation, and evaluation to create a healthy, holistic learning environment.

This committee is charged with:

  1. Providing a path of communication for and between the standing campus committees and other pertinent campus programs and units;
  2. Proposing new committees as needed and recommending deactivation of ones no longer needed;
  3. Reviewing and assisting committees in appropriately archiving meeting minutes and/or agendas either on the institutional website for transparency or other electronic archival storage making the documents available for retrieval;
  4. Serving as an advisory body for standing and ad hoc committees as well as other activity groups working in conjunction with other campus programs and units.


  • Meetings are bimonthly during the academic year but can be more frequent as necessary to further the progress of the member groups represented and the mission of NMSU Grants.


  •  The Committee of Committees is facilitated by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and membership consists of the Chairs or designated representatives of the standing committees and other campus programs and units.

Curriculum Committee

The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to approve new and revised curriculum and academic protocol related to associate or certificate programs.  In addition, the Curriculum Committee provides guidance and oversight to ensure that all curricula are comprehensive and responsive to the evolving needs of our diverse student body as well as address the needs of the business and local communities.


  • The committee will monthly during the regular academic year.


  • The members of the committee include program managers from the following areas: Communication, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Career Technical (2 program mangers) and the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Other invited faculty members as needed for curriculum approval. The chairperson shall serve a term of two-years.

The minutes of this committee will be posted on the committee’s webpage.

Meeting Minutes

Promotion & Tenure Committee

The purpose of the Promotion and Tenure committee is to evaluate and provide recommendations for tenure and/or promotion of junior faculty members to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


An initial meeting will be held at the beginning of the regular academic year to develop a timeline for the tenure and annual review processes, which will be shared with applicable junior faculty and relevant parties.

A concluding meeting will be held at the end of the regular academic year to advise junior and tenure track faculty on their preparations for the next year.

Other meetings are held as necessary during the regular academic year.


  • Membership includes at 3 or 5 tenured faculty members. The chairperson serves a two-year term.

Resources Allocation Committee

The Resources Allocation Committee is intended to provide a forum for discussion and input from constituents. The committee is neither a decision-making body nor is it intended to undermine or replace the budget allocation processes of the college. The committee is where explanations of Administrative actions or decisions or recommendations under consideration can be discussed.  The Committee’s functions include the review and recommendations regarding campus-wide resource allocations of budgetary considerations. Committee discussions or review may include the following during any budget year:

  1. Review and evaluation of current, proposed or anticipated Federal, State and local funding levels affecting the NMSU Grants college and related affiliates.
  2. Determine that procedures are responsive to strategic priorities including review of budgetary policies, administrative procedures, allocation model formulas and guidelines. Protect the financial wellbeing of the college.
  3. The review process will include both general fund unrestricted and restricted funding sources. The Committee will also review enrollment projections, and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) identified in the Strategic Plan.
  4. Promote budget awareness, communicate budget issues and may assist in budget and finance training activities.


  • The committee will meeting a minimum of twice during each regular semester or as needed.


  • The committee will include the Vice President of Business and Finance or designee, at least two members of faculty and at least two members of staff, one of whom is a professional staff. The position of Chair shall rotate annually among the faculty and staff members.

All members are responsible for making regular reports to their respective organizations (committees, departmental meetings, etc.). The minutes of this committee will be posted on the committee’s webpage.

Student Success Committee

The purpose of the Student Success Committee is to promote academic success by providing support services appropriate to our diverse student population.   This committee will provide leadership in identifying strategies to improve student success by exploring, identifying and implementing innovative ideas to maximize the institution’s role in enhancing 1) retention, 2) student persistence, and 3) the quality of the students’ overall college experience.  Finally, the committee is dedicated to exploring issues relating to the “campus culture “so that students’ experience at NMSU Grants is positive and exceptional.  This committee will serve as an advisory body to the Student Success Center and the COLL curricula. 


  • This committee meets monthly.


  • Members include Student Services staff, the Students Success Center coordinator, the Adult Education coordinator, the Library Director, the Program Manager of College Studies, at least one faculty member, and the ASG President or designee. Affiliates may be invited to attend meetings. This committee will be chaired by the Vice President for Student Services or designee.

The minutes of this committee will be posted on the committee’s webpage.

Strategic Planning

This is a campus wide committee that examines strategic and long range matters to improve the quality of educational offerings and address future challenges and opportunities for NMSU Grants.   It makes recommendations on a full range of issues pertaining to NMSU Grants operations including but not limited to: finances including NMSU system wide and NMHED components; facilities such as capital projects and space utilization; staffing and positions; academic and nonacademic programming; and general resource allocation.  The committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding the NMSU Grants Strategic Plan and will provide an annual report to the larger campus community. The annual report will also be posted on the committee’s webpage.


  • The committee will meet a minimum of twice per regular semester or more often as determined by its membership.


  • Membership includes a minimum of two (2) regular faculty members, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Business and Finance, the Technology Director, the Facilities Manager, and a minimum of one (1) staff personnel. Term limits shall not be applied. The committee shall elect a chair.

Teaching Excellence

With the focus on student-centered learning, the purpose of the committee is to promote excellence in teaching through instructional opportunities and resource. These resources will enhance course development, instructional design methods, updated teaching strategies and other professional development activities.


  • The committee will meet monthly during the regular academic year.


  • The committee will consist of a minimum of four members comprised of faculty and staff from campus constituents.  The chair will be selected by the committee and there are no term limits.

The minutes of this committee will be posted on the committee’s webpage.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee addresses the instructional, communication, and computing needs of the students, faculty, and staff of NMSU Grants. The mission of the committee is to focus on the technology environment at NMSU Grants and to take a proactive role on technology issues to support teaching and student learning.


  • This committee meets at least twice per semester.


  • Membership includes the Technology Director, all Computer Technicians, the Distance Education Specialist, The Library Director, two faculty representatives, the Vice President for Business & Finance, and a representative from each technology enhanced grant. This Chair for the committee will rotate annually.

The minutes of this committee will be posted on the committee’s webpage.