April 26, 9:00-1:00. Come! Participate and learn through activities and workshops.

Earth Day 2013 Poster



More than fifty students, faculty, staff and interested community members came by to celebrate Earth Day at NMSU Grants on April 26. We went on a bird walk, built bat houses, planted a tree and bird-attracting shrubs in the Earth Day garden. Some folks made pots fashioned from locally-harvested clay. We talked about nurturing bee habitat and using worms to enrich the soil. ASG provided lunch and hydration. A great time was had by all with lots of idea sharing going on and planning for future events. People interested in these kinds of things can contact Brian at 505-287-6629 or bpjohns@nmsu.edu to find out what is coming up.


Welders and builders from the Skills USA Club made and installed benches, one by the gazebo and another near the trailhead.


Building Technology students built new benches for inside the gazebo so we can lounge and visit in the shade.


We started putting plant markers along the trail to identify native plants.


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