Counseling and Accessibility


Student Services staff are available for crisis intervention and brief interventions.  We encourage you to stop by and discuss your concerns with one of our advisors/counselors.  We will provide community referrals if needed to ensure follow-up care. Beth Armstead, M.A., LPCC, our Vice President for Student Services, is a licensed professional clinical counselor; Brian Johnson, M.S., has a Masters degree in Counseling, as well as Student Affairs. Sascha Larrabee, has a Masters degree in Student Affairs. Your concerns are kept confidential, unless you are a risk to yourself or others, or unable to care for yourself.

Accessibility (ADA Accommodations)

Students who may require assistance are encouraged to contact the ADA Coordinator Beth Armstead at (505) 287-6628 prior to enrollment in classes. The student will be provided with the Petition for Accommodation Form (.pdf) for students with disabilities and will receive assistance in obtaining the required accommodations. Students must inform Beth Armstead prior to each semester if they are attending and need accommodations.