Program: Conversation with Dr. Lee Francis IV

On Friday, October 6th, the NMSU Grants Library hosted a talk by Dr. Lee Francis IV, CEO of Native Realities Press. Thirty people attended, including NMSU students, staff, faculty, and Grants High School students and faculty.
Dr. Francis discussed the development of Indigenous comic books and graphic novels, writing for graphic novels and comics, graphic illustration, story line creation, publication, and video game creation. He began by explaining the origins of comics and the lack of Indigenous characters as heroes within the genre. He continued by describing the storyline creation process, focusing on how personal experiences can expand into storylines and borrow from myths. He discussed the creation of characters for the comic books Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers and Tribal Force, among others. He detailed the process of graphic illustration and the different methods used in the industry, as well as how to begin with illustration and storyline.
Dr. Francis took questions from the audience which ranged from computer gaming to the importance of the creation of a personal portfolio for students. He encouraged students to forward their work to him and other publishers. In addition, he encouraged students to attend industry events to meet and network with others.
Dr. Francis remained for an informal discussion of his books and to meet with NMSU Grants students and the computer gaming group.

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