To’hajiilee Outreach Center


We currently have 26 GED students enrolled, for whom we provide services Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm. Our GED students who attend regularly have been working hard as they have set goals for themselves in taking the official GED test before the new changes go into effect in January 2014.

We are continuing to assist the GradPoint Credit Recovery Program for the To’hajiilee high school students who attend Albuquerque Public School. This is an online educational program that gives the students the opportunity to earn the complete credits that they are lacking. There are at least 5 students who attend on a regular basis after school, and they are eager to earn and complete their courses.

In addition, the To’Hajiilee Outreach Center is currently offering Spring 2013 courses in two sessions that are both eight weeks long. Our Spring 2013 classes consist of dual enrollment students from To’Hajiilee High School who are transported from the local high school to attend classes, as well as community members who are continuing their higher education.

The outreach center is always busy as we continue to work closely with local programs services as we all have a goal in meeting the needs of community members. Local program services always have an open invitation for us to attend their monthly resources meetings as they would like an update on the program and provide information of how we can be of services to their programs. Attending these meetings has given us the opportunity to do so as they are able to share the information with their clients and community members. Lastly, we are continuing to provide services to community members with workforce development and the continuance of higher education.

Update from Dr. Shawn Secatero, NASNTI Principal Investigator

The NASNTI grant has also established the To’hajiilee Outreach Center which provides Adult Education/GED courses, dual enrollment opportunities with To’hajiilee High School, and educational online courses for adults. We are using the old daycare facility as our outreach site and have 26 GED Adult Education students enrolled. In addition, we are offering five courses at the To’hajiilee site, including computer literacy, college prep, and Issues in Indian Education.