Acoma Outreach Center

AcomaMike Pino

Adult Education Instructor

So far things have been going great here at the Acoma Adult Education Outreach Center! As of last month, four of our computers were updated with the Compass software program so now students will no longer have to travel to Grants for Compass testing. In addition, we are currently working on installing the Accutrack program, as well as, the PLATO courseware program.

Once these programs are up and running, we plan on enrolling all of our GED students with the PLATO program so that they may begin to take courses that will further assist them in attaining their GED.

Furthermore, the Acoma Adult Education Outreach Center has hired a new professional tutor, Ergil Vallo, Jr. Ergil specializes in writing and will be conducting GED writing workshops. Students who are interested in attending a workshops are encouraged to stop by the Acoma Adult Education Outreach Center office and sign up with Ergil or call him at (505) 552-5135.

Update from Filmer Lalio, NASNTI Principal Investigator

It has been an exciting time as the Acoma Center is being established with the assistance of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Education Programs. MIke Pino, our Adult Education Instructor, has been offering computer literacy classes for Acoma residents including elders. As part of the computer outreach lab, we have assisted three students from Laguna Acoma High School in completing the rigorous Gates Millennium Scholarship application process. In addition, we are offering two onsite college prep courses. We also welcome Ergil Vallo, our new professional tutor at the Acoma site who is providing supplemental assistance to our GED/Adult Education students.