NMSU Grants Commitment to Institutional Effectiveness

Assessment PhotoNMSU Grants, as a branch of New Mexico State University, is responsible for providing not only the resources and facilities necessary for quality instruction and services but also an ongoing evaluation of the quality of its programs and services. The task of guiding the evaluation process falls to the Assessment Committee in developing a Program Review Program.

The Assessment Committee is working to develop a contemporary and relevant Program Review process that will be broad-based and involve faculty, staff, the community, and students. The Program Review will evaluate how effectively the institution achieves its goals as outlined in the College’s Mission Statement, its Vision Statement and its Values Statement. Program Review encompasses a variety of assessment methods that measure the effectiveness of both educational programs and support services. Once strategies have been identified, the institution seeks to implement changes that will enable it to fulfill its stated mission and achieve its stated vision.

Assessed Education and Service Program Areas

Open-door admissions, policies and procedures that encourage engagement by students representing the diversity of the community and further encouraging their varied interests, abilities, talents with an alignment of local needs;

Occupational programs and courses in areas of arts, sciences, health, business, technology, teacher education and career technologies, which may lead to job entry, career advancement, or pursuit of a higher degree;

General education and articulated courses as standardized through the New Mexico Common Core curriculum which will provide general preparation in the liberal arts as well as a smooth transition to a 4-year intuition of higher education;

Developmental courses that prepare students for college-level studies;

Student services including counseling, academic advising, financial aid, job placement in Federal work-study programs, and student activities to promote college life, leadership abilities and peer collaboration;

Dual enrollment coordination with area schools systems to provide support for academically advanced students in the public schools who earn dual credit by attending college;

Learning resources including library, instruction laboratories and student learning support centers equipped with appropriate technology.


Program Review Process and Developmentprogreview

Step One: Align Institutional and Program Goals

1. Gather Campus input at Convocation- Results

2. Compare with NMSU Institutational Goals- Results

3. Develop Program Goals- Example

4. Map Institutional Goals to Courses- Example, Blank Form

5. Program Goals to Courses- Example

STEP TWO: Gather Data

1. Complete Student Learning Report for each course, each semester- 4-scale, 2-scale

2. Gather Course Evaluations

3. Collect Data from Graduate Satisfaction Surveys

4. Collect Data from Employer Satisfaction Survey

5. Request Enrollment/ Demographic Data from IR


Summarize Data

1. Complete Annual Program Summary

2. Complete Final Program Review

3. Complete Action Form




Documents and Resources


Assessment Committee Minutes

New Mexico Common Core Assessment Reports

Documents in Development

  • Data Collection Form (modeled on Clermont College)
  • Annual Student Learning Outcomes Summary (modeled on Nunez Community College)
  • Improvement Action Plan (modeled on Mesalands Community College)
  • Graduation Survey (modeled on Dona Ana Community College)
  • Employer Satisfaction Survey
  • Institution Schedule of Program Reviews

NMHEAA Program Review Project

Team Members

  • Marlene Chavez-Toivanen
  • Paul Garcia
  • Karen Henry
  • Beth Humphreys
  • Kati O’Connor
  • Bill Serban


  • Action Plan
  • Convocation Powerpoint
  • NMHEAR Poster
  • NMHEAR Session

Assessment Committee

  • Marlene Chavez-Toivanen
  • Paul Garcia
  • Karen Henry
  • Beth Humphreys
  • Kati O’Connor
  • Bill Serban
  • Harry Sheski, VPAA

Ad Hoc Assessment Committees

Data Collection Form

  • Marlene Chavez-Toivanen, Chair
  • Gaylyn Yanke
  • Connie Lyons
  • Rose Carlson
  • Sharon Walsh

Annual Student Learning Outcomes

  • Beth Humphreys, Chair
  • Joan Erben
  • Gene Romero
  • Richard Gutierrez

Improvement Action Plan

  • Bill Serban, Chair
  • Brian Johnson
  • Richard Gutierrez
  • Michael Fields


  • Kati O’Connor, Chair
  • Felicia Casados
  • Gaylyn Yanke

Graduation Satisfaction Survey

  • Chair TBD
  • Shawn Secatero
  • Rose Carlson
  • Gayle Whitson
  • Michael Fields

Employer Satisfaction Survey

  • Karen Henry, Chair
  • Felicia Casados
  • Rose Carlson
  • Michael Fields

Program Review

  • Paul Garcia, Chair

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