Academic Schedule

Fall 2019 Calendar
Full-Term8 Week I8 Week II
New Student Orientation - "Mandatory" - Weekly sessions are planned. See front office to pre-register.
Campus Restriction (Students can only register at their primary campus)April 4 - Aug. 7 April 4 - August 7April 4 - August 7
Campus Restriction Lifted
(Students can register for courses not offered at their primary campus)
August 8August 8August 8
Classes BeginAugust 21August 21October 15
Late Registration - A late fee of $25 will be assessedAug. 21 - 30August 21 - 26October 15 - 18
Last Day to Add a Course without instructors permissionAugust 22August 22October 16
Degree Application DeadlineAugust 30August 30August 30
Last Day to Add a Course(Instructors Permission Required)August 30August 26October 18
Labor Day Holiday (campus closed)September 2September 2
Last Day to Drop a Course without a "W" (Census Date) *If a course is dropped before census date, course will be removed from class schedule. Students may drop themselves from courses through census date. After that, student must meet with an Academic Advisor.September 6August 30October 24
Certificate Application DeadlineOctober 1October 1October 1
Late Degree Application DeadlineOctober 1October 1October 1
Mid Semester AdvisingOctober 9October 9October 9
Last Day to Drop a Course with a "W"

*A grade of "W" is assigned to all courses for which a student officially withdraws from after census date.
October 18September 19November 13
Fall Break/Thanksgiving HolidayNovember 25 - 29November 25 - 29
Thanksgiving Holiday (campus closed)November 28 - 29November 28 - 29
Last Day to Withdraw from the University
*Students who do not officially withdraw from a course or from the University and fail to attend classes may receive failing grades and will be liable for all tuition and fees. Students may be required to repay a portion or all financial aid received. (4:59 pm)
December 6October 7
(date ONLY applies if registered for all MS1 courses)
December 6
(date ONLY applies if registered for all MS2 courses)
Final Exam WeekDecember 9 - 13
Last Day of ClassesDecember 13October 14December 13
Final Grades DueDecember 17October 16December 17
Final Grades AvailableDecember 18December 18December 18