Campus President Hiring Process

The on-campus interviews and open forums are underway and we encourage all those who attend to provide feedback to the hiring committee. Please go to the link below to share your thoughts.

Candidate Feedback Form


On Campus Interviews of Candidates

After reviewing applications and conducting phone interviews, the search committee has gotten approval to invite three candidates for campus interviews.

During each campus interview there will be open forums for faculty, staff, and students according to the following schedule:

9:45 AM – Staff Open Forum

2:00 PM – Student Open Forum

3:15 PM – Faculty Open Forum

5:30 PM- Reception for Community 515 W. High Street 

All open forums will be in Martinez Hall room 007. During these times, each candidate will make some opening remarks then you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

The dates and candidates are:

Monday March 6 – Cathie Cline – Associate Vice President for General Studies, East Arkansas Community College-  Cathie Cline Vita     Campus Visit Itinerary

Tuesday March 14 – Mickey Best – Vice President for Learning, South Arkansas Community College –  Mickey Best Vita     Campus Visit Itinerary

Thursday March 16 – Karla Volpi – Vice President, Administrative Services and Finance, Tohono O’odham Community College- Karla Volpi Vita    Campus Visit Itinerary


Hiring Committee Information

This webpage is intended to keep the Cibola County community and the NMSU Grants faculty and staff up to date on the hiring process for our next Campus President. We will attempt to keep this webpage up to date with the current processes, especially the interviews that will be conducted in early spring.

The members of the search committee include:

Greg Fant Chair
Karen Henry Faculty Representative
Gene Romero Faculty Representative
Janie Gutierrez Staff Representative
Lisa Whitmore Staff Representative
Marilyn Johnson Community Representative
Ron Ortiz Community Representative
Guy Archambeau Advisory Board Representative
Rone (Kayla) Adeky Student Representative
Renay Scott NMSU System Representative





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