For the week of December 15-19, the Student Success Center hours will be: Monday-Thursday the computer lab 8:00a to 5:00p; tutoring available from 10:00a to 3:00p and 5:00p to 9:00p; and testing from 8:00a to 3:00p. On Friday the 19th, the computer lab will be open from 8:00a to 3:00p; tutoring available from 10:00a to 3:00p; and testing from 8:00a to 3:00p (testing must begin before 1:00p). The Student Success Center will be closed from December 20th until January 5th when the same hours will be in effect.

Jonathan Hebert

NMSU Grants has been awarded its first ever National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant. Principal Investigator and Engineering Program manager Jonathan Carter Hebert will be working with regional employers to enhance engineering technician and engineering education at NMSU Grants and around the state. This two year project will focus on incorporating real world projects and modern technical workforce experience into the classroom via extensive collaboration with regional employers. Click for grant details on the NSF website.

President Felicia Casados

NMSU Grants has received notice from U.S. Senator Tom Udall’s office that effective October 1, 2014 we have been awarded a five-year U.S. Department of Education Title V Hispanic Serving Institutions federal grant of $2,618,764 (approximately $520,000/year).  These Title V federal grants serve higher education institutions to build our capacity to better serve students ability to successfully complete a college degree.  Only higher education institutions with the federal designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution (H.S.I.), defined as campuses serving 25% or more Hispanic student enrollment are eligible to apply for Title V grants.  NMSU Grants Hispanic student enrollment averages 33% annually.  NMSU Grants will utilize our Title V grant to support student academic success in English and Math developmental and core courses which are considered the ‘gateway’ courses necessary to succeed in completing a college degree.  (read more…)