The Student Success Center is hosting workshops to help student become more comfortable with their computers. Plan to attend the following workshops.

Workshop #2

Conquering The Computer:  Making Your Laptop or Desktop Work For You! – March 4, 2015, 6:00pm.

Come and get a handle on the basics of using the computer for your classes—both online and in-person courses. In this workshop you’ll learn and practice:

  • Attaching files (assignments and pictures) so you can submit your homework online
  • The basics of CANVAS. Getting around and using this program to be successful in your online course
  • Setting up documents and printing your assignments
  • Using PowerPoint online slide show so you can get the most out of your required reading
  • Using the computer; logging on to your account, using the mouse, using WEPA, emailing and posting to your discussion board.

You’ll come in as a novice and walk out with experience and confidence! For more information, click here.

Workshop #3

Using a database: its on the Web but it is not Google”   by Jim Fisk- March 11th, 2015 6:00pm.

 The library at NMSU Grants makes available a host of proprietary databases that only have value if used.  With increased aware, these resources may become used and  valued by students on the Grants campus.


Workshop #4

“Microsoft Office: How The Heck Does It Work?” by Steve Maldonado- March 19th, 2015  6:00pm.

In this workshop  you will learn how to use the group of programs that comprise Microsoft Office. We’ll focus on the most frequently-used programs:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint: A slide-show program that helps you summarize your lessons.
    • You will learn how to make a basic slide show, how to add pictures and how to type notes
  • Microsoft Word: Everywhere you go, practically every business and every school uses Word to create documents, memos, letters and even books!
    • You’ll learn how to open and save documents, how to print a document and how to determine which format to use.

You’ll come in as a novice and walk out with experience and confidence! For more information, click here.

Thank You Cibola County for supporting NMSU Grants Local General Obligation Bond for $7,000,000 to build a new Teacher, Health Care Education and Child Development Center! Unofficial final returns show the measure passed by a 701 to 635 margin.

Proposed Facility Architectural Drawings
On Tuesday February 3, 2015, voters will be asked to support the New Mexico State University Grants Community College by authorizing $7M in General Obligation Bonds. The proceeds from this sale of bonds will be used in the construction of a new Teacher Education, Health Care and Child Development Center. (read more…)

Community Ed Classes

The Spring 2015 catalog of courses available under the Community Education Option has been released. Twenty-seven courses are available in the subject areas of Art, Business Management, Computers, Dance, Drafting, Electronics, PE, Welding, and Wood Working. Download the brochure for details.