ASG Clean Up Pic 2

Five members of the newly formed ASG volunteered their time and energy early Saturday morning (Sept. 19) to clear weeds on vacant lots on Santa Fe Avenue.  Other NMSU Grants students joined the two dozen or so volunteers. Blisters, sore muscles and a good time were had by all.

BSN Nursing students

Fall 2015 NMSU Grants BSN Cohort

NMSU School of Nursing (SON) delivers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program on the NMSU Grants campus with funding support from our local Cibola General Hospital.  NMSU’s BSN Program is in its eighth year of service to Cibola County students.  All BSN academic courses are delivered to our Cibola County students via live Instructional Television on our NMSU Grants campus and all clinical experiences occur in northwest New Mexico, allowing our rural Cibola County students to obtain a BSN without leaving Cibola County.  The NMSU BSN Program is a five semester program and each Fall a new cohort of up to eight BSN students who have completed their Associate of Science degree, with a few additional BSN required courses, and a grade point average of 3.0 or better are admitted by the NMSU School of Nursing into our Grants campus BSN cohort.  The Fall 2015 cohort of NMSU BSN students from Cibola County who have begun their five semester program are pictured (left to right):

  • Back Row: Melodie Cruz, Larisa Smith
  • Middle Row: Jacquelyn Langford, Kathleen Leon, Elaine Torivio, Amanda Jackson
  • Front Row: Sky Maslowski

To learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program and the academic requirements required to be admitted by NMSU SON please contact our NMSU Grants Student Services Advisors, i.e. Beth Armstead, VP Student Services (email:  505-287-6628, Brian Johnson, Academic Advisor ( /phone:  505-287-6629, or Sascha Larrabee (Transfer Advisor)/email:; phone:  505-287-6677.

“Banned Books That Shaped America”
September 27 – October 3, 2015
Banned Books Week

Each year the American Library Association (ALA) observes Banned Books Week, a time when library staff members take an opportunity to highlight the constitutional right of Americans to read books of their choice. Yearly, the week coincides fairly closely with Constitution Day, which was observed on September 17, 2015.

Go to to test your knowledge about banned books (and have fun) taking a Banned Books “Quiz.”

This year, the NMSU Grants Library staff has created an exhibit, entitled, “Banned Books That Shaped America.” The exhibit is located in the glass exhibit case closest to the front entrance to the Library (in the front hallway of Martinez Hall).

Please stop by and take some time to read the reasons that each of the books in the display was at some point banned. Most book “bannings” take place in primary and secondary schools where parents object to books on reading lists; sometimes they occur in public libraries where patrons don’t want particular books on the shelves for others to read. Many, many books are “challenged” each year, but just a few of the challenges result in books being banned each year.